Trump Tweets WARNING to Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller is a snake. But there are things that eat snakes, and Trump is one such animal.

I wrote recently that President Trump set his sights on Mueller.

Robert Mueller continues his witch hunt for one reason: when he stops, the Democrats are doomed.

The Democrats’ entire future rests on Mueller’s ability to perpetrate the illusion of Russian collusion.

This “investigation” is far past farce. Two years plus, and not one scintilla of evidence against Donald Trump or anybody associated with him. At least, not as it involves Russian collusion in our election.

Yet, all around Mueller lies evidence of Democrats colluding against Trump. And worse, there exists even more evidence of Democrat election meddling, but Mueller does nothing.

One might argue that doing something about Democrats cheating in the election is outside the scope of Mueller’s investigation. However, from most vantage points, Mueller’s investigation seems to cover everything.

Well, the end of the road approaches, as does the horizon.

By horizon, I meant that Trump has much more road ahead than Mueller. Because unless Mueller has something really big to report, he and the Democrats will offer more questions than answers.

Trump knows that Mueller represents the Deep State swamp rats. That’s why Democrats placed Mueller in the position he now holds.

Interestingly, Democrats thought they pulled the wool over Trump’s eyes. They baited him to fire Mueller, but Trump resisted. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

In his latest tweets on Mueller, the president all but demands Mueller expose his own dirty dealings. If we’ve learned anything about Trump, we know his timing in such matters is uncanny.

When Mueller does his final report, will he be covering all of his conflicts of interest in a preamble, will he be recommending action on all of the crimes of many kinds from those “on the other side”(whatever happened to Podesta?), and will he be putting in statements from…..

Trump gave Mueller free reign, including continued access to holdover swamp creatures, like Rod Rosenstein.

Trump even allowed Mueller to use disgraced former FBI Director Comey’s people. How did that work out so far?

So where are the Podestas, and the countless other Democrats who had obvious involvement with the Russians? Will Mueller omit them from the report. Or will he attempt to brush over their dealings by pulling a Comey, citing “intent”?

Trump’s next tweet offers more interesting questions Mueller’s report need address.

….hundreds of people closely involved with my campaign who never met, saw or spoke to a Russian during this period? So many campaign workers, people inside from the beginning, ask me why they have not been called (they want to be). There was NO Collusion & Mueller knows it!

How long can Mueller extend the ruse?

He delayed things until after the midterms. This itself could be considered interfering with an election. Because if the truth came out, the Democrats would definitely have lost the House, as even cheating couldn’t help them.

James O’Keefe uncovered more Democrat lying in six months than Mueller would find in ten years. But then again, Mueller isn’t looking for Democrat shenanigans. Instead, he’s trying to build a case where no exists against Trump and associates.

Mueller must produce a report soon, as the natives are restless.

It’s said he has a handful of indictments, and you can bet they are useless. At this point, Mueller rejoices in quantity, not quality. Because he has no case. That’s been clear for well over a year.

Trump lies in wait for Mueller. Make no mistake about it, Trump tweeted a warning to Mueller. Whether Democrats admit it or not, they fear Trump’s next move.


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