Trump’s Methodical Dismantling of Democrats’ Midterm Hopes

Democrats claim that President Trump is dumb. That’s why they strategized to make him the Republican nominee.

Then Trump snake-bit them. And he’s done it over and over, and it continues with his strategy for the midterms.

Remember when the Democrats said that rallies meant nothing? Eventually, the morons admitted that rallies meant a lot. And rallies are more important in the midterms, than they were in the Presidential Election of 2016.

Trump rallies make major news. No matter where they occur. And the president selects rally cities for a reason the Democrats don’t understand.

CBS wrote of Trump rallies,

President Trump is in the final stretch of a 44-city blitz for the midterm elections, but the America he’s glimpsed from the airport arrivals and his armored limousine is hardly a reflection of the nation as a whole. The president has mostly traveled to counties that are whiter, less educated and have lower incomes than the rest of the United States, according to Census Bureau data.

Note the slap to much of America, “counties that are whiter, less educated and have lower incomes”.

Such is the way Democrats measure the “good” from the “bad”. Color, education, and income. And that’s just for starters.

Post election of 2016, Democrats all said, “Hillary Clinton should have paid more attention to the white vote.” And since that election, Democrats have done nothing except demonize white people.

The article continues,

It’s a sign that Mr. Trump is seeking to galvanize the same group of voters that helped carry him to victory in 2016.

In his rallies, the president often highlights racial divisions, namely raising concerns over people entering the country illegally from across the southern border.

In other words, nothing has changed for Trump. He’s not pandering for new supporters. He appreciates those who got him to where he now resides.

Ever seen a marketing program where you’ve been a loyal customer, but the company only offers something to new people who join? You likely have, and don’t feel alone when you recall the feeling you had. After all, you’ve been the loyal supporter of the product, perhaps for decades.

Trump understands that marketing concept. He won’t reward newer people over his “early adopters” and staunch supporters.

So why stick with smaller cities? CBS continues,

Mr. Trump has largely eschewed the big metropolises for smaller cities. He has been to Tampa, Nashville, Cleveland and Houston — where the arenas could accommodate his crowds. But he’s primarily been jet-setting to smaller places such as Elko, Nevada (population 20,078). Or, Mosinee, Wisconsin (population 4,023). Or, Belgrade, Montana (population 7,874).

When Mr. Trump stops at Belgrade on Saturday, historical records suggest he will be the second president to visit the Montana town named after Serbia’s capital city. In 2009, Barack Obama held a town hall in Belgrade to promote the Affordable Care Act.

Since March, Mr. Trump has crisscrossed the country like a salesman with a set territory. The majority of his trips have been to just nine states. They are Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Indiana, West Virginia and Nevada.

In the final days before the midterm election, Mr. Trump is rallying in Montana, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, and two stops each in Indiana, Missouri and Florida.

CBS describes Trump as a salesman. Perhaps. But as I would tell my sales teams years ago, “Tell it, don’t sell it!”.

44 cities, all with huge rallies. Trump is a phenom.

The media survives only when they report on Trump, a comment made recently by the president of CNN.

Interestingly, I heard on one media outlet that Obama would do two more rallies leading up to the election, and all other Democrats would do a few more. In short, I learned that Trump would campaign more over the next few days than ALL DEMOCRATS SO-CALLED HEAVYWEIGHTS COMBINED.

What leadership Trump showcases, whether the Left recognizes it or not. And his choice of venues proves that Trump know where America’s heartbeat occurs.

Trump knows that America is not defined by big cities, but the very places he chooses. Further, he realizes the more Americans in cities see ordinary Americans supporting him, the more they understand the truth about him.

The momentum of this midterm election rivals that of a presidential election year. And Democrats generate none of that momentum. It’s all Trump or Trump-related.

Trump intentionally ignores big cities, making them long for him. They recognize what he has accomplished, despite the media’s near blackout on reporting good things about Trump.

The Left has no understanding of politics outside of the cesspools of DC and other big cities. Thus, they dismiss “flyover” country. And they wonder why they will lose again on November 6, 2018.



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