As Trump’s Popularity Grows Europe’s Leaders’ SHRINKS

The world recognizes strong leadership when they see it.

Despite what America’s fake news media tells you, Trump is THE MAN!

When I was in Paris recently, I asked almost everybody I spent time with what they thought of Trump. In my informal poll, over 80 percent liked how he leads the U.S.

They didn’t know much about him, but they felt he loves his country. That is true of most Americans.

Other world leaders don’t fare so well. These globalists find themselves in dire straits. Most won’t be re-elected.

While President Trump was in Paris recently, French President Emmanuel Macron tried a sucker-punch. He proclaimed that nationalism was far from patriotism.

Trump didn’t even have to punch back, as Macron kicked his own ass.

And as Politico explains, the polls prove it.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s approval ratings continue to slip, with only 26 percent of French people saying they have confidence in him, according to a new opinion poll published Wednesday.

That’s a 4 percentage point drop from last month, and follows a Cabinet reshuffle that was aimed in part at boosting the president’s popularity.

Macron’s approval ratings, 18 months into his term, are below those of former President Nicolas Sarkozy (39 percent), but above those of his immediate predecessor, François Hollande (21 percent), according to the poll conducted by Kantar Public, which surveyed 1,000 people between October 24 and 27.

The poll shows that 71 percent of respondents have no confidence in Macron, whose support dropped most significantly among men (to 27 percent), and among those aged 35 to 49.

Confidence in Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also dipped, by 3 percentage points, with 64 percent saying they have no confidence in him.

The poll could make grim reading for Macron, who has been advised by those close to him to take a three-day break starting Thursday.

“Like millions of French people, it can happen that the President of the Republic takes a few days [off],” said Benjamin Griveaux, a government spokesman, according to Europe1.

Since his election, Trump has ridden a steady rise in the polls.

And keep in mind, this is with a media made up of lying scumbags for the most part, who fail to recognize even Trump’s slightest achievements.

No longer is it news that President Trump bested Obama.

In as much as GDPs over 3 percent are the new norm, Trump obliterating Obama’s policy non-achievements is the new norm as well.

And so we get more news on President Trump that’s sure to vex the Left.

As HuffPo reports,

President Trump‘s approval rating before the November elections has jumped to a higher level than former President Obama’s ahead of the 2010 midterms, according to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

The poll found Trump’s approval rating at its highest level for that poll yet, at 47 percent. Obama’s approval rating was 45 percent around the same time in 2010, according to a similar NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken in late October 2010.

Obama’s approval rating was reaching a record low in October 2010. After which, his party lost a significant number of seats in the House and Senate.

Let’s stop for a second to consider the presidential trajectories.

Trump outperforms Barack Obama to such as degree, Democrats should be embarrassed to bring up Obama, the moron-in-chief.

But as I have said for quite some time, Democrats are “all in” with Obama. So there’s no turning back.

If they abandon him now, it is they who look bad. As for Conservatives, understand that daily you look smarter and more beautiful. Your vote for Trump represents a vote for a better America and ultimately a better world.

While other world leaders flounder, Trump’s success grows. And for the world leaders who import American excellence, so shall their poll numbers grow. More importantly, so will the prospects for their countries.

America now exports excellence, thanks to Trump. Soon the world will demand more of our product. Thankfully, America now has excellence in abundance.



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