Winning! US Surpasses Russia Under Trump

Remember when Obama tried to drive up the price of gasoline to $7 a gallon?

And when Obama tried to shut down the coal industry?

Those seem like distant memories and we are not quite two years into the Trump administration. Holy Mother of Mobil America is back in the oil business.
Wrangling in the EPA certainly helped. While there are states still “Goring” themselves into financial ruin, the rest of America understands the need for fossil fuels, at least at the present time.
Because of Trump, the U.S. not only regained its position as the #1 place in the world for business, but we are now the largest producer of oil for the first time since 1973.
As Breitbart reports:

The United States is pumping record amounts of oil, vaulting over Russia to become the world’s biggest producer of crude.

The Energy Information Administration said Thursday that the U.S. produced more than 11.3 million barrels a day in August, a 4 percent increase over the old record set in July.

Russia’s energy ministry estimates that country pumped 11.2 million barrels a day in August. OPEC reports Saudi Arabia pumped 10.4 million barrels a day.

I’m sure some Leftists are trying to figure out how we did this without beating up some “brown” man and stealing his camel…and his oil fields. But that just goes to show you how technology made America less dependent on foreign oil.

Wasn’t this the charter of the Department of Energy?

The DOE is responsible for advancing the energy security of our country, but so far no other president has come close. Not only did Obama work to hinder gas and oil, he wasted billions on his fake efforts to create clean energy.

The money trail proves Obama wasted more than $150 billion for a 1% gain in renewable energy.

The Solar Let Down

For decades, green energy supporters touted solar energy as the answer. However, the solar energy industry cannot support itself without massive government subsidies. The average homeowner would need a $30,000 system just to save $2,000 a year. And who really knows what the savings are, given the Obama administration’s “fake data.”

The Institute for Energy Research reports:

President Obama subsidized solar and other renewable energy in the United States with taxpayer money to the tune of $39 billion per year on average for the past 5 years. These massive subsidies, however, have done little to increase the contribution of solar power to the electricity generation mix as solar is expected to produce just 0.6 percent of electricity generation this year.

Disregarding the cost to the American taxpayer and the failed solar projects in the United States, President Obama has pledged billions of dollars to fund solar energy development in India. On his trip to India, President Obama was hoping to bring back a deal similar to the one he made in China to peak the country’s carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi rejected the President’s proposed global warming deal, realizing his priority should be to bring power to the hundreds of millions of Indians that lack access to electricity.

To the point: India rightly rejected part-time energy for full-time energy, as they kicked Obama’s green energy slush fund to the curb.

Not even the allure of money from air could make the Indian prime minister sell out his people. Too bad Obama was never that loyal.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that most of the green energy companies funded by Obama went belly-up. Green energy could easily have been called ObamaFuel, reminiscent of the healthcare scheme that failed just as badly. How many of those ObamaCare co-ops were total flops?

Nearly 40 companies that took big government pay-outs are bankrupt or headed for bankruptcy.

Fox Nation compiled a list of the failing energy companies along with the amount of government funds at their disposal. Most of these companies had millions thrown at them:

  • Evergreen Solar ($25 million),
  • Schneider Electric ($86 million)
  • Johnson Controls ($299 Million)

Other companies actually received billions of taxpayer funds.

  • First Solar (1.46 billion)
  • Sun Power (1.2 billion)
  • And many others.

We are still totaling up the damage from the green energy debacle. Meanwhile, Trump restored the US to our rightful place on top.

After trillions spent under the guise of lessening America’s dependence on foreign oil, it’s only now that we are actually accomplishing it….
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