What Does Trump Know About Mueller?

Have you ever seen Trump go full force against anyone and lose?

It doesn’t happen. Which means Trump knows something about Mueller, and he hasn’t revealed it just yet.

I can’t help but think of that old Kenny Rogers song, The Gambler. “You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” And Trump definitely knows when to keep the ace in his sleeve.

For weeks, we’ve been wondering where Mueller’s big report is. He promised to release it after midterms. But we’ve seen nothing except some ridiculous indictments that mean nothing.

In fact, Trump is digging in his heals. And he unleashed a new slew of tweets today.

And that’s not all Trump had to say. Yesterday, he was clearly agitated with Mueller.

He makes a good point.

Where are the real indictments we should see?

No one even mentions indictments for Podesta, Clinton, Obama, or any of their little minions.

And like Rush Limbaugh explains,

The more this goes on, the more we lose sight of the real abomination that all of this is. This entire investigation that Mueller is conducting is bogus. It is predicated on nothing but a made-up allegation for which no evidence has ever been found or cited, and therefore the investigation should never have begun!

But it did begin, nearly two years ago! So where is Mueller with his witch’s broom? Because it appears he’s hiding.

Why is Mueller laying low?

There are a thousand guesses as to why “Honest Bob” isn’t rearing his ugly head just yet.

Perhaps Uranium One is the reason.

According to the National Sentinel:

Rep. Louie Gohmert said Wednesday that he believes special counsel Robert Mueller’s never-ending investigation into alleged “collusion” between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia is just cover for a true scandal: The Uranium One sale.

As reported by The Hill, Gohmert said that Mueller is using his wide-ranging probe to cover up his own role in the Uranium One scandal, which occurred, in part, when he was FBI director.

“I think Mueller should be fired,” Gohmert, Texas Republican and a former state judge, said during the monthly “Conversation with Conservatives” meeting on Wednesday. “He should never have been appointed and he should never have accepted. He should be fired.”

And apparently the House Intelligence Committee is set to release a report saying it could not find any evidence of collusion. No surprise there, Trump told us all along. There is zero collusion. There is only coverup of democrat-committed crimes.

The article continues:

“Anything beyond Russian collusion are things that could be investigated, should be investigated, by the current DOJ, the current FBI, and not a special counsel that is covering his own rear and his own problems that he created in allowing U.S. uranium to be sold,” Gohmert said about Mueller.

More Speculation

There could be another reason for Mueller to drag his heals. According to rumors, the New York Times crafted much of this investigation as a way to shine on the big screen.

In fact, that is why they sit on these big stories and then pretend they are “breaking news”. Supposedly, there is even a deal with Showtime in the works.

Now wouldn’t that thrill the Trump-haters of the world? Of course, it would be a work of fiction, as the complete democrat narrative lacks any shred of fact.

There are many more conflicts of interest in Mueller’s pocket. So, it’s hard to narrow down to just one reason for Mueller to hide the truth of his investigation.

But one thing’s for sure. Trump has an ace in his pocket, and he’s almost ready to show his cards.

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