What Would Leftist Say if Clarence Thomas Broke 3 Ribs?

If Justice Clarence Thomas fell and broke 3 ribs, the Left would be burning crosses in their yards in celebration.

Then, they would hang Thomas in effigy at cocktail parties on both coasts.

But when Ginsburg falls and breaks three ribs, we are expected just to wish her a speedy recovery?

Ok, I’ll play. Here’s to Justice Ginsburg’s unlikely speedy recovery.

I’m not being flippant. And unlike Leftists, I wish Ginsburg no ill will. But I’d be lying if I said I don’t want her off the SCOTUS.

Hell to the yeah, I hope this injury causes her to rethink “lifelong” as a SCOTUS Justice. I hope that Ginsburg decides what’s left of her life is too short. After all, she’s now aging in “dog years”.

Ginsburg is the oldest Justice at what…140-something? Thus, it’s way past time to let go. How many more State of the Union addresses can she pass out at. One has to wonder if she goes catatonic during SCOTUS deliberations. Hell, I know narcoleptics who have a better attention span.

And what of those 3 broken ribs?

Does anybody think that injury will heal quickly at her age? Three broken ribs might as well be brain cancer.

I know Democrats consider 140-something “the prime of life,” but it’s not. On that point, if Ginsburg weren’t a SCOTUS Justice, the Democrats might be discussing her as a potential candidate for president in 2020. Ginsberg/Biden 2020

There is a question that begs: Why did she fall?

A sudden fall like the one Ginsburg took signals other major health issues. I remember when my great-grandmother fell in our living room. She was in her 70s at the time. She asked me to help her up, but I couldn’t get her up. Eventually, I called my uncle’s- her grandsons, and they were able to get her back on her feet. She died not long after.

Curse of the Midterms

Donald Trump won the midterms, despite losing the House. When you barely lose the House, gain in the Senate, defeat every black star on the planet from Oprah to Diddy, you won…period.

And Trump skunked Obama 8 to ZERO. Who’s your Daddy now, Chris Rock?

Then, Ginsburg falls an breaks 3 ribs. The only thing more fitting would have been if Ginsburg fell on election night.

Back to Ginsburg’s health and what causes falls.

Look, I’m no doctor; but I have been on WebMD twice in the last 3 years. And in my recent research I learned about a few things that can cause falls like muscle atrophy. This happens as we age, and in case I haven’t mentioned it, Ginsburg is pretty old.

Also, falls can occur because of a loss of equilibrium. This happens due to a virus or other illness can cause an old fart like Ginsburg to take a louie.

But what was most surprising to learn on WebMD as to what can cause an old SCOTUS Leftist to fall was this entry: The Trump Effect.

Who knew!

Looks like the Democrats will have a short-live celebration of the partial midterm victory. Because last time I checked, it’s the Senate who confirms SCOTUS judges. And as we all know, Republicans firmly control the Senate.

Given the nonsense the Left put President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh through, he could likely get David Duke on the court. Democrats better have learned their lesson on messing with Sasquatch.

What next for Ginsburg

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Ginsburg’s health going downhill fast after a fall like this. Let’s face it, the human body is designed to last only so long. And RBG is living on borrowed time.

She’s fared well for somebody her age. I’m sure she still had full faculty of her mind well into her 70s. But now it’s time to retire of her own free will, and not have God do it for her.

The body tells us when our time is up.

My grandfather was able-bodied until his 80s. Then the last two years of his life were like two decades. He went downhill fast. Hopefully RBG recognizes that her time on the court ended, and she retires during a good presidency.

On that point, she had her chance to retire under Obama, yet refused. Exactly what was she waiting on?

Again, regardless of Ginsburg’s politics, I hope she recovers. But I will continue to taunt Democrats over the possibility of President Trump appointing a third SCOTUS judge.


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