Why Democrats MUST PROTECT Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller is the Democrats’ ultimate fixer.

If you watch any of the spy thrillers, you’ve seen the fixers. Remember Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction?

These people clean up messes made by Democrats hired originally to do the dirty work.

In the case of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, Mueller is the ultimate fixer.

As we’ve written, Comey too was a fixer. But he blew it. Comey got sloppy and exposed the filthy underbelly of the Obama administration, the Clinton machine, and the Democrats in general. Because of this, Democrats employed Mueller to clean up James Comey’s mess. And this is the biggest clean-up in America history.

While Mueller has done his best, without Hillary Clinton as president, this mess is impossible to clean.

Thus, according to Fox News:, the Democrats and anti-Trump RINOs conspired to give Mueller immunity he can’t give to himself:

Outgoing Arizona GOP Sen. Jeff Flake joined with Democrats on Wednesday in a failed bid to force a vote on legislation to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller — and locked arms again with the other side of the aisle to oppose a judicial nominee, resulting in an airtight vote requiring Vice President Pence to serve as tie-breaker.

Flake, along with Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons and New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, tried to use a parliamentary maneuver to pave the way for a vote on the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, which would shield Mueller from inappropriate removal or political pressure.

Flake asked for unanimous consent to vote on the bill, but Utah Sen. Mike Lee objected, blocking the effort.

The three lawmakers expressed concern over comments made by President Trump, who has called the Mueller probe a “phony witch hunt,” as well as Trump’s ousting of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Imagine if Democrats managed to give Mueller immunity.

If you think this clown has been reckless thus far, with immunity he would be complete incorrigible.

Mueller has more conflicts of interest in this investigation than Hillary Clinton had deleted emails. Yet not a single Democrat has ever called for his recusal. That’s because the Democrats have no other fixers. Mueller is the best they have.

But now he finds himself at the end of his “investigation” and he has absolutely nothing.

What’s an investigator to do when he’s spent two years and an estimated $30 million to net zero, zilch, nada?

Mueller obtained useless indictments of Russians who will never see the inside of American jail.

Next, Mueller was forced to let his first fish off the hook, namely General Michael Flynn. And Flynn will likely sue Mueller and team, unless there is some law against it.

Papadopoulus’ fine amounted to picking up the check at Starbucks for friends, and a few days, yes DAYS in jail.

Even with a sweet deal like this, Papdopoulus complained that he was railroaded by Mueller.

Mueller indicted some Swede on completely unrelated charges. Understand this is the same move Mueller pulled on Manafort. Again, neither indictment or plea has any connection whatsoever to Trump.

Next, in what appears to be a desperation move, Mueller accused Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi of lying. He contends they provided information to Donald Trump about Wikileaks.

That’s the big deal?!

That a couple of potential sources gave information about the crooked nature of Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Exactly what does this have to do with Russian collusion? I’ll let you answer that yourselves.

Then there is Cohen. Recently he pleaded that Donald Trump attempted to do business in Russia.

There you have the quick synopsis of Mueller’s case against Trump. In his pursuit of Russian collusion, he completely overlooked the Russians’ payment of $145 million to The Clinton Foundation.

Then he completely ignores the $20 million paid to the Podestas for work the brothers did with Russia.

Moreover, there are countless other connections between the Democrats and the Russians, many of which likely lead to some form of electioneering. But we’ve heard little to nothing about that from Mueller and team.

Let’s not forget the crooked FBI agents who conspired against President Trump. Where’s are all the people involved with the fake dossier? I count at least 20 people who should be indicted over what we publicly know.

So the fixer got dealt a problem nobody can fix. Well, there is one solution.

Mueller can report the truth. And though the truth will torpedo Democrats, the truth will ultimately set them free.



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