Why No Undercover N-Word Videos for Republicans

Project Veritas infiltrated the campaign of Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. And they found abject racism.

One of Gillum’s staffers called the people of Florida, “white Crackers”. Funny how Democrats tell you what they really think of you on hidden video.

Now Gillum fired the black staffer, and disavowed any belief to the man. But does he really?

I don’t have the answer. But what I do know is Democrats are the most vile racists on the planet. They don’t fool me.

But what this whole Project Veritas thing got me thinking was more about the undercover video stings.

Democrats have long called Republicans racists, sexists, homophobes, and so on. And they use occasional anecdotal references, like Charlottesville. However, they rarely tie Conservatives or Republicans directly to anything racist.

The reason is simple: because for the most part we are none of what they declare us to be.

Congressman Adam Schiff constantly pretended to want the truth about the Russian collusion story. Yet every time we gained insight into the story, he fought release of the information.

During the email scandal, Hillary Clinton declared she would work to get all information to the authorities. Then she bleach-bit her servers, smashed her phones, and deleted 33,000 emails.

I’m beginning to suspect Democrats really don’t want the truth.

With all the money thrown at Leftists, one would think they could have their own version of Project Veritas? Democrats claim to want the truth, right?

Why haven’t Democrats infiltrated Republican campaigns and released their videos. The “October Surprises” by Project Veritas aren’t limited to surprising scurrilous Democrats.

So far Kyrsten Sinema has been exposed as a Leftist fraudulently representing herself as a Centrist. As has Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO). And what of Gillum’s racist campaign staff?

But I haven’t seen a single video of a Republican candidate at any level calling black people the N-word, or speaking badly about the LGBTQ community. No jokes about women or other minorities or downtrodden groups.

Recently Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly said in a debate:

“We want everybody to have a chance in Indiana and in America, and my offices reflect that— both on the campaign side and on the Senate side,” Donnelly said. “Our state director is Indian American, but he does an amazing job. Our director of all constituent services, she’s African American, but she does an even more incredible job than you could ever imagine.”

The IBJ tried to give him cover, writing:

But when trying to praise the staffers, Donnelly used the word “but” instead of the word “and,” which seemed to contradict the point he was trying to make.

Those damn conjunctions.

Conjunction junction, what’s your function? Keeping politicians out of hot water, I’d say!

Conjuction notwithstanding, I say what Donnelly did is a Freudian slip. He accidentally showed how he feels about his minorities.

My bet is Democrats have infiltrated every major Republican organization in America. But they have nothing to report.  Or is it, “and” they have nothing to report.

Either way, it works for us.




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