WINNING: Border Wall Gets Partial Funding

President Trump may have taken a page from the Left. Let no crisis go to waste.

The caravan is fizzling. But the threat of an invasion headed to the border of the United States made one thing clear. The Obama administration prostituted America’s citizens.

Apparently all over the world people believe if they simply gather together in a horde to invade, America will bend over and take it in the tailpipe.

As President Trump has proven, that is no longer the case. But why not use this invasion to get the “wall” rolling, so to speak. Thus, according to WUSA9:

A $145 million contract has been awarded to start the construction of a border wall along the U.S. Mexico border in Texas. U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract to construct about six miles of levee wall system in the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector in Hidalgo County, a CBP news release states. The project is being funded by a share of this year’s appropriations to Customs and Border Protection. The contract was awarded to SLS Co. Ltd. on Wednesday, the release states. Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2019.

As we build the wall, Democrats say it will cost billions.

As if that’s an untenable amount of money? Illegal immigration costs multiple billions, annually.

And look at the cost of preparing for the invasion.

While the president says he wants the total funds to build the wall, I say, “Rome was not built in a day”. So let’s play the game like the Leftists, and get what we need incrementally, while never backing down on the overall mission: build that wall.

$145 million constitutes a rounding error in government spending, so this represents little more than a down-payment financially. However, for the people who voted for Trump, it represents the beginning of another promise kept.

Moreover, the beginning of the REAL wall addresses the issue other presidents and legislators have not.

Bureaucrats continually kick the can down the road, passing the problem off to the next person. Thus, America accommodates 11-20 million illegals, while annually over a million people wait to legally enter the country.

According to AZ Central,

Border barriers have been built under the Trump administration.

So far, those barriers are mostly replacements of other, existing fencing that was already in place — not new stretches of wall on any part of the border that was previously open.

And none of the new barriers use the designs that emerged from the construction of prototype “walls” in San Diego.

Funding for the barriers so far is limited to older designs, essentially the same fences as were built under previous administrations.

And all of these projects amount to a few miles of border barrier in total. A USA TODAY NETWORK project in 2017 examined the entire 2,000-mile border and showed most of it has no fence and no wall.

Helicopter footage of the full border shows most of it is open, and most of the barriers in Texas are built only in short spurts. At the same time, much of the unfenced border is remote, wild and distant from roads or construction supplies.

So clearly we have no serious impediment to entering the U.S. by way of Mexico.

That begs the question, “When do we actually begin to build the wall?!”

First however, we must begin with semantics. What exactly is a wall?

The article continues,

On the campaign trail, Trump often spoke of a “great wall,” and usually invoked images of concrete. Even after he took office, he was clear that the border wall would be new and different from other fences, saying “We’re going to have a wall that works. We’re not going to have a wall like they have now, which is either nonexistent or a joke.”

Since then, administration officials have made other statements. In April, Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen seemingly contradicted Trump’s earlier statements about the wall, saying that new fences would be considered walls, even if those fences are being built to replace existing fences.

What President Trump must be clear about is his definition of a wall.

Because what Americans want is a relatively impenetrable barrier between us and other countries. Currently Mexico represents the key source of our illegal immigration issues. Nevertheless, a wall could be built in Canada, should their border become a problem.



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