BLASTED: Former Supporters are PILING ON the Clintons

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for the Clintons!

They canceled their debut show in Vegas on the Rapist and Enabler Tour. No reason was given as to why. However, I suspect their opening in Canada provided some insight.

Here’s what I wrote of the tour, once it finally kicked off:

The rapist and enabler tour didn’t go off as planned.

The Clintons were supposed to begin their tour in Las Vegas on November 18, but that didn’t happen.

Here’s what was reported for tour stops back in early November:

They will kick off the trek Nov. 18 in Las Vegas at 5,200-seat Park Theater. They will visit Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena on Nov. 27, Montreal’s Bell Centre on Nov. 28 and Smart Financial Center in Sugar Land, Texas, on Dec. 4.

Did Hillary find out that Bill had set up some “offsite meetings” with a few Vegas call girls, and cancel that location?

Nah, they just couldn’t get enough people in Vegas to give a crap about them, thus they canceled. And the tour began in another country…Canada!

Because as I predicted, nobody wants to see the Clintons in America. But apparently nobody wants to see them in Canada either.

The Clintons were greeted to mostly no-shows.

According to the  Daily Mail only 3,300 tickets were sold in the Scotiabank Arena in downtown Toronto. For those wanting to do the math, the theater holds 19,800.

But that’s only the beginning of the bad news for the Clintons.

The Daily Caller News Foundation interviewed students at George Washington University about their support for another Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2020.

Let’s just say the results were worse than their ticket sales for their tour.

One can only imagine what’s inside the head of anybody who wants more of the Clintons.

As a Conservative, I know I’m biased against the Clintons, and not because they are Democrats. I’m biased because they have thwarted the legal system, and created much carnage in their search for power and money.

But as I’ve documented in the past, it’s not just Conservatives who have tired of the Clintons.

Hardcore Democrats want them to disappear, some not just politically.

The Clintons have been a two-man (hey, do you know for sure) wrecking crew, politically speaking. Get in their way and get torched. The only exceptions thus far are Barack Obama and Donald Trump. One survivor brought “blackness” and the other brought billions.

But the Clinton reign of terror ended when Hillary Clinton failed to close the deal. Donations are off at the family racketeering organization. Meanwhile the tour shows the writing on the wall.

All that’s left is for the Clintons to read the memo.

I wrote of Democrats who want the Clintons gone, particularly Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton’s book and tour expose the Left’s true feelings about Hillary Clinton. Democrats grow wearier of her endless search for excuses. Moreover, Hillary Clinton clamors for the spotlight in the midst of turmoil that could land her in prison.

According to The Hill, a former Hillary fundraiser wished “she’d just shut the f**k up and go away.”

 Not everyone was so charitable. Even some of Clinton’s allies have grown weary of her insistence on re-litigating the 2016 campaign at a time when the Democratic Party is looking to forge a new identity in the age of Trump.

“The best thing she could do is disappear,” said one former Clinton fundraiser and surrogate who played an active role at the convention. “She’s doing harm to all of us because of her own selfishness. Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the f— up and go away.”

I suggest to you that it won’t be long before the Clintons understand that their time in the limelight is over.

Avowed Leftist and former Clinton loyalist Maureen Dowd wrote this recently of the Clintons’ woes:

Some in Clintonworld say Hillary fully intends to be the nominee. Once more, in Toronto, she didn’t rule it out, dodging the question with a lame joke. She carries herself with the air of a president in exile. Her consigliere, Philippe Reines, has prodded reporters on including her name when they write about 2020 candidates.

And Bill has given monologues to old friends about how Hillary knows how she’d have to run in 2020, that she couldn’t have a big staff and would just speak her mind and not focus-group everything. (That already sounds focus-grouped.)

Is there no end to this Clinton sitcom?

If you need any more evidence that at least Hillary Clinton has brain damage, she believes she will make another presidential run!

Dowd admits that Clinton is delusional as well, though she includes an insult to the president just to take the sting out of her article:

After losing to an orange puffer clown fish who will go down as one of the most destructive forces in American history and flushing the Obama legacy down the drain, that’s delusional. Some Obama associates say the former president has some regrets about throwing his support solely behind Hillary and knows he misread the anger and frustration of voters.

Bill was radioactive in the midterms and Hillary was the Ghost of Christmas Past. Her approval rating is at a record low of 36 percent. The only American who seems truly interested in her these days is President Donald Trump, who can’t stop tweeting about her. She’s still money in his book.

President Trump would happily stop tweeting about Hillary Clinton. All she need do is go away.

But as Dowd herself admits, the Clintons hang on like a hair on a biscuit.

The Clintons refuse to be discarded. It has been their joint project for half a century to be at the center of the public scene and debate. The way that the whole thing came crashing down in 2016 is too hard for them to bear. They would like to rewrite the ending, but there is no way to do that.

Nothing they have done lately suggests that they have learned anything, including their obtuse post-#MeToo comments about Monica Lewinsky, who has been far more candid and sympathetic in the 20th anniversary retellings of the impeachment saga. The Clintons are still unable to hold themselves accountable. The formerly golden couple who dominated their party for nearly three decades is traveling North America in a bubble, shockingly un-self-aware.

Their pathological need to be relevant in America is belied by a Canadian arena, where stretches of empty seats bear witness to the passing of their relevance.

As go the Clintons, so goes the Democratic Party. That’s what all Leftists will realize soon.

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