BOMBSHELL: Mueller Withheld Evidence Clearing Trump

A developing story today suggests that Robert Mueller  intentionally hid evidence that would exonerate president Trump from any wrongdoing.

If true, that would mean Robert Mueller lied to the court withholding such evidence; an obvious crime.

Could Robert Mueller be facing jail time?

The report states:

 Contrary to media speculation that Robert Mueller is closing in on President Trump, the special prosecutor’s plea deal with Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen offers further evidence that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russians during the 2016 election, according to congressional investigators and former prosecutors.

The nine-page charging document filed with the plea deal suggests that the special counsel is using the Moscow tower talks to connect Trump to Russia. But congressional investigators with House and Senate committees leading inquiries on the Russia question told RealClearInvestigations that it looks like Mueller withheld from the court details that would exonerate the president. 

In other words, while the media seeks to control the narrative that Cohen’s plea deal is bad for the president the exact opposite is true.

The details involving Cohen’s plea deal actually further’s the proof of no Russian collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. And thus the media intentionally ignore these details.

The article continues:

On page 7 of the statement of criminal information filed against Cohen, which is separate from but related to the plea agreement, Mueller mentions that Cohen tried to email Russian President Vladimir Putin’s office on Jan. 14, 2016, and again on Jan. 16, 2016. But Mueller, who personally signed the document, omitted the fact that Cohen did not have any direct points of contact at the Kremlin, and had resorted to sending the emails to a general press mailbox. Sources who have seen these additional emails point out that this omitted information undercuts the idea of a “back channel” and thus the special counsel’s collusion case.

In addition, a reporter from the Hill noted that:

“Though Cohen may have lied to Congress about the dates,” one Hill investigator said, “it’s clear from personal messages he sent in 2015 and 2016 that the Trump Organization did not have formal lines of communication set up with Putin’s office or the Kremlin during the campaign. There was no secret ‘back channel.’”

“So as far as collusion goes,” the source added, “the project is actually more exculpatory than incriminating for Trump and his campaign.”

Here is a tweet from a different news source confirming the story:


Clearly, neither Putin nor any Kremlin official was directly involved in the scuttled Moscow project. Moreover, neither Cohen nor Trump traveled to Moscow in support of the deal. Finally, no meetings with Russian government officials took place.

So, while the leftist media spin that somehow Trump being a real-estate builder is something “criminal”, they continue the fake news narrative that something sinister lurks.

But forget what the media attack dogs do, it’s Mueller who’s really at fault.

Coercing Cohen with Gestapo tactics will be Mueller’s undoing. As we’ve learned with Jerome Corsi, not everyone fears Mueller.

Certainly President Trump doesn’t.

We’ve written recently that President Trump is done coddling Mueller. It’s put up or shut up time.

Mueller stacked his team with Clintonistas, and worked with a crooked FBI, NSA, FISA court, and the entirety of the Obama swamp rat leftovers. With all this lopsided firepower, he has nothing tangible on Trump.

He has plenty of evidence otherwise on the Clintons and all their crooked helpers. And this poses another problem for Mueller: how could he possibly overlook the mountain of evidence against the Democrats?

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