Citizens to the Rescue in Germany When Police Fail

The world we live in today provides no sanctuary for the average citizen. One simply can’t rely on authorities to help.

This scenario played out recently on camera in Germany.

A migrant Muslim man has been kicked out of a night club for harassing women in side. Evidently he wants back in.

Thus, in the video he can be seen kicking a fortified door multiple times. He commits this act in full view of two German police officers, both females. The two cops helplessly watch as the man goes on a rampage. At one point, the man shows complete disdain for the women cops, as he actually puts his hand on the face of one.

He continues kicking the door, and then citizens step in to do the work police no longer can do.

A man who looks like the club manager appears at the door.

Shortly thereafter, bouncers appear, then emerge through the door to complete the job the police couldn’t. 

The bouncers converge on the man with shock and awe, pummeling him. He can be heard in the background screaming, no longer the tough guy he was when kicking the door.

This scene in Germany could easily have played out in America.

Cops helpless to act, leaving things to the citizens. Because the lawlessness that Obama condoned, now permeates American culture.

Many times police fear acting, as they don’t want to end up in the news. That leaves only us. We are the main line of defense, unless you like waiting on the police. At this German club, even with police there, the people could feel no safer.

Acts of terror occur against Conservatives on an almost daily basis. Congressmen are harassed, attacked, even shot. Thankfully, there have been no murders…yet.

But the violence has been escalating. Groups like Antifa have made it clear they will use violence to get what they want. The only outcome is Conservatives will strike back, and people will get hurt.

Let’s hope that respect for law and order returns before the inevitable ass-kicking the Left is determined to get.

Check out Bleeding Blue, a spectacular movie about law enforcement.






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