Classroom Evacuated After Terrorist Spotted

A classroom was evacuated when a terrorist was identified.

This young man didn’t fit the profile of the typical terrorists, however. The reason?

The young man who apparently scared a teacher so much that the classroom was evacuated merely supported the President of the United States by wearing a MAGA hat.

Oh the outrage. If the man had only worn a shirt depicting his love of Obama, all would have been good.

A man filmed the bruhaha over the MAGA hat where ultimately the classroom was evacuated.

The filmmaker writes,

I am the person filming….not the person wearing the hat. I filmed this. If you want want me to take it down ask me. No hate speech/release of personal information/threats of violence allowed in comments. In my state, it is legal for a person to record a wire, oral or electronic communication if that person is a party to the communication, or if one of the parties has consented to the recording so long as no criminal or tortious [sic] intent accompanies the recording.

I mentioned what would have happened if this young man wore an Obama shirt. However, interestingly, if this man wore an ISIS hat, I suspect nobody would have said a word.

Further, if the man had worn a Che t-shirt, he might have gotten high-fives.

Back to the hat.

The young man is forced to make a choice: the hat or class.

The student poses very interesting questions in support of his freedom of speech rights as it pertains to the hat.

He asks, “What if I found something you’re wearing to be offensive?” And you can hear students agreeing with the “professor”, as they toed the party line.

The student then asked, “What if I need to wear this hat for religious reasons?”

Again, students side with the “professor”, who essentially says there is no good reason to wear a hat in school, as it disrupts his ability to teach.

Ultimately the professor moves the entire class away from the student who simply wore a hat to class.

Seeking Educational Excellence would like to know where this school is, so we can rain holy hell down on this professor and the institution!







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