GREAT TIMING: The Clinton Tour “POSTPONED” Permanently

I told you the Clinton Tour wouldn’t go into 2019.

They birthed that ugly baby. Then they found out it was spawn of Satan. Oh, but how to kill it.

What a convenient time for George H.W. Bush TO DIE!

The Clintons needed a face-saving way to get out of that dreadful tour, and Bush obliged.

As Fox News reported,

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s speaking tour is taking a break, with a ticket representative confirming that the political power couple is delaying a Houston-area tour stop originally scheduled for Tuesday after the death of former President George H.W. Bush.

A representative from Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land, Texas, told Fox News on Monday that “An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton” — which had been slated for Tuesday at the venue — has been postponed.

Clinton tweeted:

“Bill and I will be traveling to Washington to pay our respects to President George H.W. Bush and his family at the funeral this week. We were greatly looking forward to being in Houston for our event this week, and are excited to come back next year as soon as we find a date.”

As sure as I knew Donald Trump would kick Hillary Clinton’s roomy ass and become president, I’m equally sure the Clintons won’t be in Houston in 2019.

And they won’t be anywhere else, at least as part of that tour.

The Clintons are ecstatic they can opt out of Houston. It was like getting a winning lottery ticket as a Christmas present. Because their tour has been a wake-up call for them to RETIRE!

First, the Clintons canceled their first location, Las Vegas. Nobody said why, but this brother knows why. No sales.

Given a choice between Blue Man Group or the Clintons, who do you choose? And let’s not forget about The Girls from Glitter Gulch! You can bet Bill Clinton would rather be at that “Gentleman’s Club” than on stage with his nasty girl.

So the couple nixed Vegas, and left America! Was there nowhere closer for these two Septuagenarians to take their act? Surely Pelosi could have arranged something in Californicate!

But next the Clintons visited Canada, our neighbor to the North. And they were greeted with mostly empty seats.

3,900 people showed up for a venue that holds almost 20,000. And that’s with them discounting the tickets to the price of a box of Chiclets.

Maureen Dowd wrote of her experience (she paid $177 in advance for a ticket that dropped to $10):

The Clintons refuse to be discarded. It has been their joint project for half a century to be at the center of the public scene and debate. The way that the whole thing came crashing down in 2016 is too hard for them to bear. They would like to rewrite the ending, but there is no way to do that.

Nothing they have done lately suggests that they have learned anything, including their obtuse post-#MeToo comments about Monica Lewinsky, who has been far more candid and sympathetic in the 20th anniversary retellings of the impeachment saga. The Clintons are still unable to hold themselves accountable. The formerly golden couple who dominated their party for nearly three decades is traveling North America in a bubble, shockingly un-self-aware.

Their pathological need to be relevant in America is belied by a Canadian arena, where stretches of empty seats bear witness to the passing of their relevance.

But the Clintons say they aren’t finished. The next scheduled event on the tour is April 11 in New York City.

I’m not one to quibble, but you book a tour and the dates are 5 months apart? And at their ages?

At that rate, the thing that may cancel the next tour is the death of one of the actors. Because that’s what this tour, the political careers of the Clintons, and the marriage of the Clintons is. An act.

America witnesses the final act. And it won’t be just the Clintons affected in this melodrama. Many other Democrats watch their fortunes dissipates with those of the Clintons.






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