CNN Anchor CHALLENGES Democrat Leader on Cohen Case

The Cohen case showcases Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s desperation.

And who could blame Mueller for being desperate. The fate of the Democratic Party lies in the hands of the man I call, “the fixer”.

After almost two years in his attempt to frame Trump, Mueller came up empty. So he found a snowflake to coerce, namely Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen.

But even CNN smells a rat in the Cohen plea deal.

According to The Daily Caller:

CNN host Jake Tapper expressed skepticism that Michael Cohen’s Thursday guilty plea necessarily amounted to “any evidence” of a conspiracy between the Trump team and the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election.

After introducing New York Rep. Jerry Nadler as “the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee” who is “expected” to become its chairman, Tapper immediately questioned the congressman about actual “evidence of conspiracy” resulting from former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s plea deal.

“Look, this is clearly not welcome news for the president,” said Tapper. “I don’t want to pretend that it is but once again I look at these documents and I don’t see any evidence of conspiracy between members of the Trump team and the Russian government to interfere in the election.”

After Nadler called the potential Moscow project a “corrupt business deal,” Tapper pressed: “You call it a corrupt business deal?”

Nice try, Nadler.

A businessman in the business of building buildings. That’s who Trump was, and that’s what Trump may have wanted to do. But it’s not corrupt.

But if the Democrats want to believe they can sell this nonsense to the public, they will be sadly mistaken.

Even CNN smells a rat. But before I get to that, understand that Jake Tapper not long ago declared that Cohen could be the person who breaks the Trump presidency:

One would think CNN learned its lesson? Perhaps.

Back to Nadler

Tapper got Nadler to admit that there was no criminal corruption in the allegations only one of moral corruption. And don’t expect President Trump to let up on Mueller.

Trump has Mueller in his sights. And for Trump, Mueller represents the Democrats who invested heavily in the Mueller farce.

So while Trump may very well possess the nuclear option of exposing all the dirty laundry, he seems content to let things play out for Mueller with Cohen.

Nevertheless, when fake news CNN begins questioning the veracity of Democrat narratives, Democrats know the writing is on the wall.

Expect the Cohen case to fall apart soon. But what looms for Democrats?

According to Sean Hannity, things are about to get much worse for the Clintons. I wrote this recently:

In figuring out what Sean Hannity claims will break Monday on the Clintons has my head spinning.

Given the number of crimes this family committed, who knows what will break?

Will it be related to the Russia farce? Or will it involve the family’s crooked “charity”?

Perhaps someone uncovered one of the bodies of the people who fell victim to the Clintons? My hope is that body would have Bill’s, Hillary’s, and Chelsea’s DNA. Also, add their DC driver’s licenses just to be sure we get the bastards.

Other possibilities include Benghazi, cheating Bernie Sanders, and of course colluding with the Obama administration to dump Trump.

Here’s how Hannity and a couple of insiders reported what’s supposedly going to happen.

Again, according to Hannity, we won’t have long to wait.



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