CNN Anchors BATTLE ON AIR over Trump

I’m actually surprised CNN aired this hissy fit between CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo.

I’m not sure when it happened, but Lemon converted to full-bore Leftist. At one point, he prided himself in being a moderate, but those days are clearly over.

Lemon was upset that the Obamas shook hands with President Donald Trump. And he tries to rationalize insulting the president at Bush’s funeral.

Cuomo took umbrage with what Lemon said, and the two argued openly.

Partial Transcript:

Lemon: You don’t have to show respect for that kind of person. Here let me show you what I would have done.

Cuomo: {interrupts} You don’t have to. {Cuomo implies that you should}

Lemon: Let me show you what I would have done. Let me show you something

Cuomo: {interrupts} You don’t have to.

Lemon: Ok, come here. Come here, Don.

Cuomo: Poor Don

{Don attempts to greet Lemon, and Lemon ignores him}

Cuomo: You’re petty and small.

Lemon: That’s real, Brother. That’s real. And

Cuomo: {interrupts} Real petty and small.

Lemon: This is not about ideology, it’s about the way someone conducts [SIC] themself.

This commentary and demonstration from the man who got drunk on national TV on New Years’.

But Lemon is far worse than his lack of decorum on New Year’s Eve.

As I wrote about the clown earlier this year,

Post-Ferguson, Lemon sold out for ratings.

Without an anti-Trump audience, Lemon simply isn’t interesting enough to maintain an audience. Thus, he’s succumb to the same tactics that will doom the late-night Leftist comedic hacks. His show is anti-Trump all the time, without even an attempt at humor.

Now we learn that Lemon has but one mission: to paint President Trump as a racist.

According to The Washington Times,

CNN’S Don Lemon told a New York audience Friday that he has an “obligation” to call President Trump “racist” or “racist-adjacent” during broadcasts because the evidence points to no other alternative.

The co-anchor of “CNN Tonight” told attendees at Variety’s Entertainment & Technology NYC Summit that calling the president a racist is what journalists should do as a matter of integrity. His reasoning: an objective analysis of the situation “leads you to nothing else but this president being racist.”

“He’s certainly racist-adjacent,” Mr. Lemon, the keynote speaker, said. “If you have the evidence that shows you, that leads you to nothing else but this president being racist, then I feel it’s my obligation as a journalist to say it. On [Jan. 11 when] I said it, and I don’t regret saying it. I believe that to be true.”

The CNN personality added that he loves going to work each day because CNN has refused to “pick sides” regarding the Trump administration.

I won’t bother to provide evidence against Lemon’s allegations against President Trump. But America knows that Trump is no racist.

I suspect part of Lemon’s animus emanates from how the president views him.

“Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!”


But the president merely called Lemon out for being just another fake news liar. This story revolved around the Gold Star mom.

Don Lemon Reads Letter to President Trump on Air then WEEPS

Apparently Lemon is so upset by Trump’s tweet, it made him cry. Or his ratings could be down?

Check out the video and tell me those are real tears!

Let’s not go crazy, as Cuomo calling out Lemon isn’t the Seventh Sign. But it does show that occasionally some Leftists get small doses of sanity.

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