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The Cohen Gambit: How the Left Failed with Trump Card

Another person who was supposed to END TRUMP bites the dust. If anybody had the dirt on Donald Trump, it was supposedly his attorney.

I’m still not quite sure why Federal prosecutors threw the book at the man, but they did. And even his “cooperation” with Mueller didn’t help him.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan on Friday asked a judge to sentence Michael Cohen to a “substantial term of imprisonment”. His crime is for paying an adult film star hush money on Trump’s behalf and evading taxes.

Tax evasion? Will Rachel Maddow want Round Two of the Trump tax returns? Here is how she practically celebrates the Cohen case:

How much money was involved in this tax evasion? Note they didn’t disclose details. Because if Mueller or the NY FBI want tax evasion, I’d look at The Clinton Foundation. They laundered billions.

Perhaps the bigger question is, “How is this connected to Russian collusion? Well, it’s not.

And as I have written extensively, if your shyster lawyer has no evidence against you, you’re cleaner than a preacher’s sheets.

Yet, Cohen pleaded guilty last week that he lied to Congress about discussions over the construction of a proposed Trump Organization skyscraper in Moscow.

That’s almost too incredible to believe. Run with me on the logic for just a sec.

An attorney for an international builder lied about a building project?! For this and the charge of paying Stormy Daniels, not necessarily to keep quiet about sex as she alleges, Cohen will serve 4-6 years? I know murderers who serve less time.

I have to wonder who Cohen pissed off. And don’t tell me it’s President Trump.

Sure, Trump said throw the book at that chump, but it wasn’t his call on sentencing. And you can bet Trump didn’t waste his time on a phone call.

For me, the sentencing feels like payback.

I get the feeling the Feds wanted Trump’s trophy head in their den, and they didn’t get it. Cohen offered them multiple shots, then wiffed. So now Democrats are pissed.

The recording of Trump with some woman who supposedly was paid was a bust. Actually, the recording exonerated Trump. Then Cohen had “insider knowledge” of everything Trump did, and still not even a scintilla of corruption.

Mueller sends the wrong signals to those who oppose Trump. Essentially, you might become Mueller’s bitch, but he can’t save you from the other inmates.

The funniest part of the Cohen Gambit, is how the Left views it. They still see this case as bad for Trump. It has all the elements.

Tax evasion, hush money, and so on. Yet, nowhere is Trump mentioned.

Here’s Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC, giddy.

MSNBC reported:

Federal prosecutors have laid out that Donald Trump, known as Individual-1 in court filings, directed Michael Cohen to commit federal campaign finances violations, breaking laws to do so.

If Trump is “Individual-1”, then why isn’t he being indicted?

Next was The Today Show. Check out how they presented their drivel.

The Cohen ruling proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump did absolutely nothing. All the Left accomplished is kicking the indictment of Democrats down the road for a few more weeks.

But our day is coming, Conservatives!



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