Democrats FINALLY Catch a Break

Despite “winning” the House, Democrats experience a run of bad luck.

Of course, their bad luck is self-inflicted, but still painful (for them) nonetheless.

Occasionally, even in one’s darkest hours, you receive a respite. And that’s just what happened to the Democrats.

Understand that hundreds of candidates now vie for the title of leader of the party. While Democrats happily maintain their status quo with people like newly re-elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as well Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, even perennial failure Hillary Clinton, new blood drips into the shark-infested waters.

We recently wrote about the number of Democrats who recognize their lack of leadership and want to dethrone some of the old guard.

There were so many, the debates consisted of Varsity and Jayvee teams, and candidates jumping the shark to get to the “show”–aka, the big debates.

But if you think that was bad, check out what the Democrats have in store, as they have hundreds (457 so far!) of Democrats who filed to run.

Who is the new blood?

“Beto” O’Rourke and the woman who needs no first name, Ocasio-Cortez come to mind. They have been described as “the future of the Democratic Party”. And as mentioned above, there are many more who seek power, fame, and of course fortune that comes with successful Leftism.

The day after we wrote of the literally hundreds of Democrats considering a run for the presidency in 2020, Democrats lost a major player. Mario Cuomo dropped out of consideration.

Cuomo added that the Democratic Party needs a nominee who can show voters they have experience and results in improving Americans’ lives.

Consider that Cuomo has experience, but he doesn’t have the critical second piece. And neither do any of the other candidates.

Now we get news of another candidate dropping out of the presidential rat pack.

As CNN mocked,

And just like that, he is gone.

Michael Avenatti, I mean. The lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels announced on Tuesday that he was ending his consideration of a presidential bid — just a few months after he admitted he was actively thinking about running.

“After consultation with my family and at their request, I have decided not to seek the presidency of the U.S. in 2020,” Avenatti said via Twitter. “I do not make this decision lightly — I make it out of respect for my family. But for their concerns, I would run.”

Let’s hope nobody was beaten in the making of that announcement.

Seriously, as if Avenatti needed to tell us he was dropping out?

The very notion that Avenatti actually considered himself a viable presidential candidate is laughable. The notion that some Democrats entertained the idea boggles the mind.

The article continues,

There’s a tendency to roll your eyes and dismiss the whole thing as the worst of politics. After all, Avenatti got famous by repping an adult film actress who has alleged that she had an affair with President Donald Trump in the mid-2000s. He used that notoriety to catapult himself into a cable TV regular, including on CNN, and from that to a possible presidential bid.

Only in La La Land was Avenatti considered a presidential candidate. Fortunately for him, far too many Leftists live in La La Land.

If he could have just held on to get “Beto” money.

Avenatti needs to pay some bills. And now that his marquee client threw him under the bus, Avenatti lives in dire straits.

Even if he maintained a good relationship with Stormy Daniels, he can’t hit her up for funds. She’s broke, and I’m not talking “Clinton leaving the White House” broke, but real broke.

Because of Avenatti, Daniels owe President Trump some serious cheddar. Yes, Big Boss get porn stars to pay him. I hope when Trump get that booty from Daniels, he donates it to charity. But I digress.

Anyway, how does a creepy porn lawyer make money when his reputation lies in shatters?

Avenatti depended on his “star power” to get him to the big money. Dude interviewed more than the president, when the Leftists thought Avenatti was credible. I know, right. Who would have ever thought of this clown as credible?

But there Avenatti was, front and center day and night on all fake news media networks. He practically guaranteed he would bring down Trump. Then Avenatti would go further.

He would avenge Daniels and America with a real run for the presidency. That would garner him “Beto” money. I mean, look at how that white boy is getting over!

$70 million campaign for the senate. Imagine what money Beto will raise to lose the presidency!

But now that’s all over.

Avenatti is ruined. He picked a porn star and a chick who loved gang-rape parties as clients, yet you can bet he wonders, “What happened?!”.

That might make a good book.





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