Democrats Suddenly TURNING AGAINST Robert Mueller

Robert “Bob” Mueller better come up with some real Russian collusion quickly.

This is no longer the thoughts of just Conservatives. Instead Democrats now appear ready to jump the Mueller ship and pile on his carcass.

In yet another article validating my views, I read on from Matthew Walther. He is a Leftist. But in his article in The Week, he discusses the crisis Mueller is creating.

Do you remember when the United States was about to have her constitutional order upended? If you printed out all the concern-trolling articles from the fall of 2016 about whether Donald Trump would “accept” the results of the presidential election and laid them end to end, they would stretch from China to Peru. As far as I recall, no one actually predicted that opioid-addicted out-of-work steelworkers in Carhartt jackets would roam the streets of Washington looting and burning and eventually installing an Alex Jones puppet government under the nominal leadership of the host of Celebrity Apprentice. The point, assuming there was one, was that the “credibility” of our election system would be undermined if one of the candidates and most of his supporters refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the next commander-in-chief.

I made light of most of these concerns at the time. The subsequent refusal of everyone from Clinton to The Washington Post to the president’s own Department of Justice to come to terms with the fact that Trump narrowly won by campaigning in crucial states his opponent didn’t bother to visit has proven me wrong. Mea maxima culpa. Half the country seems to believe that Donald Trump is not the duly elected president of the United States.

Ok, this part isn’t about Mueller, but he will get to it. Interestingly, this part of his article chastised the Democrats in general.

As Walther wrote, “I made light of most of these concerns at the time.”

Because like most people, Walther likely thought Clinton would win, and Republicans would go away. Then up jumped the Devil, as my grandmother would say. To quote Ali, “[Trump] shook up the world!”.

And it was the Democrats who did everything they advised Trump and his supporters not to do.

Walther continues explaining how half the country now calls Trump illegitimate:

If people have come to this conclusion, the rest of us have Robert Mueller and his special counsel investigation to thank. After nearly two years of hunting he has ensnared much small game but no large mammals. He has never produced any evidence that Trump colluded with either the Russian government or individuals “tied” or “linked” to Moscow. Paul Manafort is a tax cheat; Michael Cohen is a two-faced crook; members of a president-elect’s cabinet occasionally meet with foreign leaders; Russians posted misleading things on Facebook; most people will stumble if asked enough questions about enough topics. These not exactly astonishing conclusions are the sum total of Mueller’s efforts.

The recent news that Trump or his associates were interested in developing real estate projects in Moscow as late as June 2016 and that Cohen lied to investigators about it is more of the same nonsense. I have no doubt that Trump may once have dreamed of building one or more skyscrapers in Russia. I also have no doubt that at some undisclosed point he has asked one or more of his hirelings to look into the possibility of building a luxury casino on Mars. Does that mean that he is a Manchurian candidate whose tenure in office is dedicated solely to advancing the interests of the Red Planet and enriching himself and his family into the bargain? Winning a successful outsider bid for the presidency of the United States seems like a very circuitous route to obtaining a building permit.


Even fake news CNN host Jake Tapper called out Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler on the same point:

“Look, this is clearly not welcome news for the president,” Tapper said on The Lead. “But I look at these documents and I don’t see any evidence of conspiracy between members of the Trump team and members of the Russian government to interfere in the election.”

I wrote that Trump now has the nuclear option when it comes to Mueller.

Tapper got Nadler to admit that there was no criminal corruption in the allegations only one of moral corruption. And don’t expect President Trump to let up on Mueller.

Trump has Mueller in his sights. And for Trump, Mueller represents the Democrats who invested heavily in the Mueller farce.

So while Trump may very well possess the nuclear option of exposing all the dirty laundry, he seems content to let things play out for Mueller with Cohen.

Walther also recognized the double-standard of the Left. Finally, he discusses the only place left for this investigation to go:

At the very least, this sort of logic should cut both ways. If you want to talk about what it means to be financially “compromised” in office, ask yourself what President Hillary Clinton might have been willing to do on behalf of the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman, to say nothing of a vast international assortment of shady tycoons.

Read the tea leaves.

Watch as more and more Leftist media outlets turn on Mueller. They held out as long as they could. To his credit, Mueller dragged things out as long as he could. But now it’s time to pay the bill. Unfortunately for Mueller, his credit cards are maxed out.


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