Embezzling Nuns Connected to Barack Obama

It’s funny how Obama connects to the most crooked people. Sadly, this includes even the clergy.

We wrote recently of the nuns who stole an estimated $500,000 from their private school. Astonishingly, the nuns actually gambled away their ill-gotten gains in Las Vegas.

Why aren’t these two women working for the Clintons?

The “Sisters” make fantastic Democrats, in that they fake their religion in order to indulge their demons. And as I often point out about Democrats, they hide in plain sight. For example, show me your Democrat-voting coach, I give you a pedophile. Show me your Democrat-voting “capitalist”, and I will show you a conniving cheat. Show me your Democrat-voting Hollyweirdo entertainer, and I will show you a carbon-loving, tax-cheating, man-or-woman-hating, sanctimonious sexual predator who relishes awards.

In the scheme of things, these nuns did as they were taught.

Crooked Leftists hiding under the cloak of nuns’ robes.

And the American Spectator explains their connection to Obama.

It was reported recently that a couple of nuns out in Southern California had ripped off the Catholic school where they worked for many years to the tune of at least $500,000. They spent the money on gambling sprees to Las Vegas, among other pursuits. The habit-less sisters, who were henned up together in a Torrance townhouse inside a gated community (the neighbors, according to the Los Angeles Times, wondered how they afforded their matching Volvos), hail from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet — a “social justice” religious order, naturally.

But even richer than that, it is the order that played an important role in Obama’s Alinskyite education. It was at Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles, a college founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, that Obama went for a ten-day seminar in the 1980s to learn Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals. As reported in No Higher Power: Obama’s War on Religious Freedom, the Gay Mafia socialist from Chicago, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, paid for Obama’s trip out to Mount St. Mary’s College for that event.

The left-wing nuns in the order had long maintained a chapter for the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), a group of socialist agitators that Saul Alinsky established with the help of Chicago priests who would later honor Obama at Notre Dame. The sisters were happy to let Alinskyite activists use their campus in the summer to train the next generation of subversives.

This certainly explains what’s happened to the church. Remember the good ol’ days, when the church actually understood right from wrong, ergo Right from Left?

Not anymore. Like academia, religion was long ago infiltrated by Leftists. 

As the Spectator continues,

According to Obama’s latest biographer, David Garrow, those ten days at Mount St. Mary’s, where Obama rubbed shoulders with radical priests and nuns, proved seminal in Obama’s political education:

Mount St. Mary’s College was IAF’s long-standing summer location, with trainees arriving on a Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday was devoted to two basic staples of IAF teaching: “World As Is/World As Should Be ‘Power’ Session” and “Power and Self-Interest.”… Obama was already familiar with Alinsky’s major themes and principles…. Ed Chambers [a former seminarian], Alinsky’s lead inheritor, had articulated them in a small 1978 volume titled Organizing for Family and Congregation. Alinsky’s best-known principle was that “power tends to come in two forms: organized people and organized money.” But Alinsky had never fully grasped a second point that was now emphasized by Kellman, Galluzzo, and Chambers: “one of the largest reservoirs of untapped power is the institution of the parish and congregation,” because “they have the people, the values, and the money.”

It’s funny how Conservatives view certain people, particularly clergy.

Despite knowing Al Sharpton is no “reverend”, we still trust other clergy, almost without questioning. But knowing the evolution of the church under Leftism, we should maintain a jaundiced eye.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet along with other Catholic front groups (the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which gave grants to Obama in Chicago, is at the top of the list), helped create one of the very people hell bent on destroying the church and Judeo-Christian religion.



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