Establishment Throwing BOMBS at New Trump Hire

How much should social media hurt your job prospects?

I don’t have an answer to that question, but can say that a tweet got me fired. I’m confident to say that social media has gotten many people fired and the trend will continue. Moreover, social media prevents many people from getting jobs, and that trend too will continue.

Recently, the State Department added a new employee. Some describe Mary Kissel as anti-Trump. That description could have prevented her getting hired in her latest role. Because Kissel was hired to work for Trump.

Nevertheless, the State Department hired the Wall Street Journal editorial board member Mary Kissel to be Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s new senior adviser for policy and strategic messaging. A former administration official who deemed Kissel a “Never Trumper” told Politico that “Trump would lose his mind if he knew about this.”

How could he possibly not know about this? Yet the Left continued to hammer Kissel, presenting her as a Never-Trumper.

In another example, another former administration official said that hiring Kissel was “a recipe for disaster”. That official declared that hiring Kissel presents “a welcome sign to all never-Trumpers and establishment Republicans that they have a home in this administration.”

As Trump jettisons legacy Obama swamp rats and other Leftists, including Republicans, the Left decry all Trump new hires.

Another source commented of Kissel, “It’s a political mutiny…John Kelly and his cronies go out of their way to make sure that Trump people don’t get hired while the Kissels of the world are handed important jobs. The president has lost control of this ship.”

When I see statements like that, I’m reminded of all the Left said of candidate Donald Trump. The “loose cannon”, and other such terms. In reality, Trump was the adult in the room, post-election.

What do Leftists base their comments about Kissel on? Here’s some of their “evidence”. She tweeted of Trump prior to the election:

Assad and Putin are murderous dictators who don’t share American interests. Trump is delusional on foreign policy. Frightening ignorance.

And then they uncovered this tweet from even earlier.

True to form, @realDonaldTrump ruins decent Mexico trip with Fortress America Phoenix speech. Populist pander, cites misleading data. Sad!

This tweet didn’t age well. But then there was more.

Below is her tweet from July 2016:

Trump’s speech 75 minutes because he has no coherent thoughts. A rambling mess of personal vanity, fearmongering, isolationism.

And then there is the President’s tweet about her where he quoted something somebody else said about Kissel. The president added, “She is a major loser – no clue!”

@SirHatchporch: Mary Kissel is an SNL character, right? She’s not a real person, right? ” She is a major loser – no clue!

So what do we have here?

Typical Trump. Remember what he said of Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, and others Trump nicknamed or ridiculed. Many of them now work for Trump.

As for Mary Kissel, I suggest to you that she has learned a lot since her tweets about Trump’s foreign policy prowess. I love watching career bureaucrats realizing that their muscle-memory for how things used to be no longer applies.

I’m betting Kissel is now honored to serve in the Trump administration. While there remain some Trump-hate in DC, many people have learned to respect him. They know the game that’s been played on the American people, and now are happy to be on the other side of that ruse. I bet President Trump appealed to their greater nature. So they now find themselves remembering why they wanted to serve.

We will track Kissel and see how things work out. But I suspect from the beatdown the media gave her, she’s come around. Thus, she needed to be taught a lesson.

I’m proud that President Trump proved yet again that he can handle the barbs. The war ended, and now he’s putting the country back together; with or without the swamp rats.


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