Ex-Fox News Anchor Ratings WORSE than Megyn Kelly

Just another pretty face. Because truthfully Abby Huntsman has little talent.

If there was a reason to pull the “white privilege” card, Huntsman certainly gives people cause.

Huntsman’s father is former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. Also, he’s the U.S. ambassador to Russia. Previous to this appointment, he served as the ambassador to China under Obama.

Prior to all of this, Huntsman was a very wealthy man. And the problem with people like Huntsman is he didn’t have to work for his wealth and stature:

The 58-year-old politician is the son of Jon M. Huntsman, the billionaire founder of Huntsman Corp., a publicly-traded chemical company based in Texas. FORBES estimates Jon M. Huntsman’s net worth at about $1 billion.

So Huntsman inherited $1 billion, and he’s maintained it.

Back to Abby Huntsman

I’m not giving away any “inside baseball” secrets here, as you can watch Abby Huntsman yourself. She’s a chronic repeater of what the previous person says, when giving commentary. It’s so automatic for her, she doesn’t realize she does it.


A talent coach? Coming from Fox News to The View, and you need a talent coach.

Yep. Because her act is very contrived.

From the lingo used, to the fake emotional content. And that’s why she doesn’t resonate with people. Obviously, others feel the same.

As Page Six reported,

The View” is having another host problem. The ABC daytime talk fest has brought on a talent coach to work with its newest host, Abby Huntsman, because viewers just aren’t that into her, we hear.

“She’s been a snooze, and the network knows they made a mistake hiring her without a chemistry test and based on her name,” an insider told us.

Huntsman’s entire career epitomizes “snooze”.  But Fox News likes snooze in certain people.

Snoozers are less controversial. Interestingly, the thing that Fox News seems to really like will be the very reason they lose market share.

As for Huntsman, all the training she got at Fox News amounted to nothing. Thus the need for a talent coach.

How funny, when you consider you actually need talent to get it coached.

The article continues,

“She’s starting to come alive. They have a coach working with her now because she’s not researching well with viewers,” the insider added.

“She hasn’t even been there half a season, and people are already placing bets that they’re going to oust her,” a TV insider told Page Six.

Another insider told us that Huntsman hasn’t been at the table long enough for viewers to connect. “There’s no research that’s been done at this point. She’s been on the show for five minutes. And meeting with a talent coach is par for the course. Each of the co-hosts have met with the coach at various times repeatedly. It’s just normal practice. It’s not a big deal,” the source said.

Huntsman became a permanent co-host on “The View” in September, after co-hosting “Fox & Friends.” She represents the other conservative viewpoint on the show along with fiery Meghan McCain. The other hosts include Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin.

They play this off as “normal practice”, however nobody else’s coaching has been discussed.

Look, I’m no fan of McCain and certainly not of the other women on The View, but they know who they are for the most part. Huntsman doesn’t know who she is, so she plays the chameleon, just not well.

In her angst and search for identity, Huntsman may finally be learning what real Conservatives talk about. Because make no mistake about it, Huntsman is no Conservative.

In that vein, she fits The View well. Still she can’t hold her own with strong women who know how to bully.

In this article in Good Housekeeping, Huntsman discussed her treatment by viewers of the show:

When I first started on the show, I received more hate than I’ve ever, ever seen in my entire life, just because people assumed that they hated me off the top,” Abby began.

She went on to explain that she made the “mistake” of reading comments on Twitter and Instagram after each show ended. Doing this affected her home life in major ways. She would go home and try to be in the moment with her daughter, but felt like she just “wasn’t engaged.”

“I was down on myself and I was believing everything that I read,” she explains. “The last two months, I made a rule to myself, I still post things, but I don’t read anything.” After deciding she was done scrolling through comments, she said she’s so much happier now.

She may be happier, but the feelings of viewers haven’t changed. Apparently, the audiences remain disengaged.

Prediction: things don’t end well for Huntsman. She’s not a “street fighter”, and won’t last there. Huntsman is formulaic, when people have tired of the formula.

So I give her through the summer, unless something drastic changes. The good news is even if her ego has to take a few licks, she does have white privilege.



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