Flynn Plea: Congressman Believes Case will be DISMISSED

Michael Flynn did nothing wrong. But that didn’t stop Robert “The Fixer” Mueller from indicting him and extracting a plea.

When the Fed comes after you, it’s better to just plead guilty rather than face their wrath. And that’s what Flynn did.

Now he realizes that Democrats set him up. But America recognizes it as well. And that’s why Congressman Darrel Issa predicted on Fox News that the guilty plea of General Flynn will eventually be thrown.

According to Fox News:

A day before fired FBI Director James Comey is set to again testify behind closed doors with House Republicans, a party leader is predicting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s case against ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn will soon be thrown out of court.

California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that the FBI had “tricked” Flynn into not having a lawyer and had improperly “post-dated” documents to “morph” them into critical evidence against him. He promised Comey would face tough questioning about the episode.

James “I don’t know” Comey is a professional liar. He tried the amnesia tactic in his last visit to Congress. However, I suspect that won’t work quite as well.

Back to Issa.

He commented about the latest Comey visit to The Hill:

“Tomorrow is going to be a very different day for Comey, particularly in light of what we’ve learned — the misconduct during the Flynn investigation was all about, thanks to a judge that demanded to understand what had happened,” Issa told host Maria Bartiromo, referring to U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan’s order last week that led Mueller to turn over key documents in the case.

“I would not be surprised a bit if the conviction of Flynn is overturned, because of the Justice Department and FBI’s misconduct — and that in fact, we go potentially all the way to the Supreme Court, with new protections — when the FBI and the Department of Justice lies to someone and tricks them into making statements, and then charges them with a lie they entrapped them in. … This kind of conduct we haven’t seen in a long time.”

Believing he was not under oath or in need of an attorney, Flynn spoke freely with the FBI. And we learned that the FBI didn’t tell Flynn that he was under any investigation.

Put another way, why would the National Security Advisor have any reason to be forthcoming with an FBI who openly targeted his boss? Particularly if he is not told that his comments would be part of the investigation.

Flynn is set to be sentenced this week and Mueller already requested leniency. He says Flynn has cooperated. However, Mueller issued a statement about Flynn’s comments on how the FBI treated him, saying the FBI did nothing wrong.

How will this impact sentencing. And will things play out the way Issa believes? The outcome might forebode how things play out for Mueller as well.


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