Harvey Weinstein Trying to Clear His Name?

Leftists say Harvey Weinstein’s reputation was tarnished by the tell-all centered around the serial sex offender. The rest of us know Weinstein wasn’t tarnished; he was obliterated.

Nevertheless, Weinstein wants back in Hollywood’s good graces. And why not? He’s served his time. And what has Hollywood done since?

That’s how Leftists handle their scandals. They just give them time. This is the reason Weinstein laid low for all of a year or two. Surely that’s enough penance for over three DECADES of sexual abuse of women who wanted fame and fortune.

Weinstein was the most open “secret” in Hollywood. Feminists knew Weinstein was a super predator. (Note to Hillary Clinton: Super predators can be white!)

In fact, Ashley Judd, who marched with the vagina hats and envies the privileged life Muslim women live, sat on Weinstein’s casting couch at one point. But the uber feminists said nothing of her travails to protect other women. No, Judd just kept getting good movie roles, and performing fellatio or whatever other debasing thing Weinstein asked of her.

Judd only spoke out when others spoke out. And almost all of the “victims” spilled the beans when their careers slowed.

Leftist feminist hypocrisy.

They know when to become “heroes”. And you can bet its when they need something, like fame, money, or simply more notoriety.

The people being hailed as heroes were the very people who allowed Weinstein (and many still nameless others) to have their way with them sexually all over the world. These women built astonishing careers. Some represent the biggest voices against various issues, like Darfur, South Africa, and other causes. Currently these “heroes” rail against America’s new president, as if he were responsible for selling casting couches.

These women are not heroes. They are cowards who benefited from what they now define as vile behavior. They care not an ounce for women who came after them.

The REAL heroes were the women who wouldn’t stand for the Weinstein (and many others) treatment. And America will rarely hear of those women. Instead the media and other Leftists try to make us believe in false heroines.

Weinstein knows the game.

He knows the timing of Leftism and the muscle-memory for comebacks.

As Page Six writes:

Weinstein, who has been mostly silent since a slew of women accused of sexual assault in 2017, sent an email to members of the media pointing them to press coverage that shows his New York rape case appears to be falling apart, TMZ reported.

“As you can see from all three of these articles, the police have played a very difficult role in my investigation,” the email reads, according to the gossip site. “All 3 police officers have either been retired, or repositioned from the SVU. The articles are self explanatory, but I’d like to speak with you on the phone if you have some time. There is more to this story … ”

Weinstein’s email comes as his lawyer filed a motion in November to dismiss the remaining criminal case against him in Manhattan court.

Utter Irony

While most sexual predators would have the decency to slither away forever, not a Leftists. Remember: Weinstein knows where a few bones are buried, and not just metaphorically. So why not worm his way back into the in-crowd. If he plays his cards right, Weinstein will reposition himself among Hollywood elites in no time.

Hollywood loves a comeback. And even better if it’s one of their own.

Meanwhile, the disingenuous feminists will continue to target Conservative men. The Clarence Effect will be employed again soon. It failed on Trump, Kavanaugh, and Trump again, and feminists desperately need a win.



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