Judge Predicts Trump Jr to be Indicted by Mueller

Bob Mueller has two chances of indicting President Trump or any member of his family: slim and none.

But that didn’t stop Fox News judicial expert from making such a prediction.

According to The Daily Mail:

Former New Jersey Superior Joudge (sic) Andrew Napolitano expects Donald Trump Jr to be indicted by the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

During an interview with SiriusXM radio on Wednesday, the Fox News legal analyst was asked about Mueller’s recommendation of no prison time for Michael Flynn.

He thinks the investigation is moving closer to the President’s inner circle, according to Mediaite.

When asked if he thought someone close to the President will be indicted, he replied: ‘Yes. I don’t know who, but I do know that Donald Jr has told friends he expects to be indicted.’

I respect Judge Napolitano, but he missed this one big.

First, Trump Jr has done nothing to be indicted on.

Admittedly, this hasn’t stopped Mueller before. But in the case of the Trumps, Donald Jr. has advantages.

For example, he’s rich. And unlike Michael Flynn who practically lost everything he owned, Donald Jr isn’t worried about the costs of fighting Mueller or the Fed.

Which brings me to my second point. Donald Jr’s father IS the Fed. And if you want to see Trump go nuclear, then attack his children. As much as some Americans despise the president, few would blame him for a seek and destroy mission if Mueller targets his children any further.

Even ardent Leftists now see that the Mueller investigation is a farce. I wrote of Matthew Walther, and his recent article confirming what I have said for the better part of two years.

Mueller is the fixer, and his job was to get Trump impeached, and sweep the real corruption under the rug. He accomplished neither.

If Mueller believes he can circle back on Donald Jr., he will get a rude awakening.

Recently, NPR backtracked on a story, where they too implied that Donald Jr lied in his testimony. Funny how the Left hold Conservatives to standards, but wholly ignore the blatant lies of Hillary Clinton and James Comey, just for starters.

This investigation points directly at Democrats. They paid for it, then asked for it to conclude. Now, the investigation returns to its point of origin.

In the past week, I’ve written extensively on the severity of the problems Mueller faces. His plane ran out of runway…period.

But let me predict his next moves.

He has a couple of Democrat patsies in his sights. So when he indicts a couple of low-level Democrats he will appear to be “fair” in his investigation. The selected patsies will likely toe the line, as Mueller assures them their penalties won’t be severe. Keep in mind, he established the precedent with Papadopoulos and more recently Mike Flynn.

That move will buy Mueller a skosh more time. But then time runs out.

I suspect enough information comes to light over the next two weeks to warrant a separate investigation or another special counsel.

2019 will be a great year for Conservatives and hard core Americans. But it won’t be a good year for Democrats.

Watch as they begin the infighting. The brawls will make the Kavanaugh hearings look like a meeting of monks.

It’s actually already begun.

Democrats began distancing themselves from the Clintons right after the election. A few early adopters smartly abandoned Barack Obama.

I’m sure most astute Americans noted Pelosi’s difficulties. That showcased a minor rift in the party, compared to the major fracture under the surface.

Ultimately, Mueller will abandoned; as will all the people who vouched for him.

But Donald Jr will enjoy life with Kimberly Guilfoyle, and visiting with his children. He hasn’t a care in the world related to the Russian ruse.


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