Maria Butina: The Russian Spy Mueller Missed

Consider that now admitted Russian spy Maria Butina has no connection to Donald Trump.

Robert “Inspector Clousseau” Mueller can find Russian spies everywhere. Well, except where there are actual Russian spies.

In delicious irony, consider that now admitted Russian spy Maria Butina who performed her tradecraft under Mueller’s watchful eye. Interestingly, she has absolutely no connection to Donald Trump.

Mueller may be more like Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes fame than Clousseau, as Mueller declares, “I ze nozing!”

As AP noted of Mueller’s inability to see the obvious:

Court documents detail how Butina saw the Republican Party as prime for Russian influence and courted conservatives through networking and contacts with the NRA. She posed for photos with prominent Republicans, including former presidential candidates, and snagged a picture with Donald Trump Jr. at a 2016 NRA dinner.

So not only could Mueller possibly get those rascally Republicans, but also the NRA? Yet he tanked!

I love the part in this article about the Republicans being “prime for Russian influence”. Butina targeted “primed” Republicans, yet not a single Republican fell for her ruse. Interestingly, no low-level “Papadopoulos” to indict, nor a “Flynn” to set up?

No wonder Mueller missed the Obama “hot mic” moment.

Further, while we see the obvious connections with the Uranium One deal where the Clinton Foundation got $145 million from the Russians, for Mueller the existence of so many Russians obscures the Russia connection.

And, what of that Manafortesque deal between the Russians and the Podestas? Again, the obvious Russian connection means Mueller must avoid the connection at all cost. Sure, to look honest in his dealings about Russia.

Frankly, I think I understand how Mueller overlooked Butina. After all, Mueller was busy with his primary work of protecting the Democrats at all costs.

The article continues,

As part of her deal, Butina pleaded guilty to a single charge of conspiracy to act as an unregistered foreign agent and she agreed to cooperate with investigators.

The case is separate from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Prosecutors say it is “very likely” Butina will be deported after her sentence is completed. The charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, though the defense noted Thursday that federal sentencing guidelines recommend no time to six months. She has been jailed since her arrest in July.

According to her plea agreement, Butina’s work was directed by Torshin, a former longtime member of the Russian parliament who until recently was an official in Russia’s central bank. He is now under sanction by the Treasury Department for his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

That nagging question remains: “If the Russians targeted the Republicans, why is there absolutely no connection between this Russian spy and the ultimate winner of the election?”

The conspiracy has all the elements.

The beautiful spy with whom Trump Jr takes a picture. She’s totally Russian. And she  connects to Putin by way of a Russian banker.

While Mueller focused on some meeting Trump Jr set with the Russians early on to get dirt on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it turns out he’s got a picture of Junior WITH A RUSSIAN SPY!

Yet not a peep.

Now that Leftists have their admitted spy, what’s their next move? Perhaps new investigations? Or new allegations? Nope, nyet!

And that’s because there is no connection Russian connection with Trump, even with a Russian spy TARGETING Republicans.

If we had a real media, they would ask the obvious questions about Russian who has no connection to Trump. Because asking that question would lead to the obvious conclusion about the farce known as the Russian investigation.

Hey look; Trump tried to build more buildings somewhere. Let’s continue looking for that Russian collusion!



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