Michelle Obama Postpones Book Tour: Timing is PERFECT

Michelle Obama fares a touch better than the Clintons when it comes to tours.

But then again, MO isn’t trying to sell out 20,000 seat arenas in Timbuktu. Because if she shot for such Trumpian numbers in flyover country, America would see just how anemic Michelle Obama is.

Leftists like to play “make believe” when it comes to their defective idols. Which is why USA Today tried to sell America on the reason Michelle Obama postponed her tour.

Michelle Obama’s “partner in crime” may be former President George W. Bush, but his father has a special place in the former first lady’s heart too.

Obama announced Sunday that she is postponing several upcoming stops on her “Becoming” book tour to attend President George H.W. Bush’s funeral services next week. The 41st president died Friday at his Houston home at age 94.

The article goes on to state the following:

“It’s important to me to join the Bush family in celebrating …Bush’s exemplary life,” Obama wrote on Twitter. “This will unfortunately preclude my visits to Paris and Berlin. I’ve been deeply touched by the enthusiasm for my memoir, and I’m working to reschedule my trip for next year.”

Oh, it’s true that Michelle Obama would attend the funeral. What USA Today and Leftists won’t admit is neither Paris nor Berlin gives a sh*t.

Paris is burning due the policies of the French equivalent of Barack Obama, namely Emanuel Macron. Anybody think Michelle Obama wants to be where people are rioting?

And how about that shameless plug for her fictional trash? Thus, “…enthusiasm for my memoir”?

Sure, because all of Europe wants to know what Michelle Obama thinks about gardening and starving fat kids?

Want more drivel? Check out book sales.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming has become the best-selling book released this year in the US just 15 days after publication.

It has sold more than two million copies in the US and Canada, according to NPD BookScan data.

The sales figures were announced by Penguin Random House on Friday.

The publisher says the book is also a bestseller in many other countries including Australia, the UK, France, Germany, Korea and South Africa.

Let me explain how this works.

Michelle Obama gets her fat cat friends to all buy $1 million worth of books. Then they all try to give the damn things away at their companies or parties.

You can bet rich Leftists all over the world have fire-starters and boat anchors made from Michelle Obama’s book. Too bad the publishers aren’t required to report those numbers.

I’m reminded of a scene from The Distinguised Gentleman, where a Congressman arguing with another said, “I even bought ten thousand copies of your lousy book!”.

That’s what these people do for each other. Because they need people to believe that people are interested in their lives.

Ironically, for the real sales of Michelle Obama’s book, it’s the Trump part of the book driving sales. Leftists salivate over anything related to anti-Trump, as we know. I could write a book titled, “Why I Hate Trump and You Should Too” and it would be a best-seller within a week.

Don’t be surprised if Michelle Obama tries to use the funeral and her potential interaction with President Trump for a “boost” to her book sales. I fully expect her to “show her ass”, as my grandmother would say. If I’m not mistaken, Obama complained about being forced to interact with the president on election day. She certainly never planned on that eventuality.

Expect the Bush family to fawn all over Michelle and Barack Obama. Because the world will be watching, they need to minimize President Trump, and showcase George Bush’s famous “compassionate Conservatism”.

So let’s all prepare for the break. Because the Becoming author won’t be available for a short time.

However, she will reconvene after her period of mourning. Because we all know how Michelle Obama feels about old white men dying.

Let’s see how Paris and Berlin handle the news. I’m sure the media will keep us posted on the suicide bump expected in both cities upon hearing the news.

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