MSNBC: White People Can’t Save America

Can white people save America? Not according to MSNBC.

Though white people can form America, it doesn’t mean they can save it.

So what  white people overcame man’s worst inhumanities to form the greatest country in the world. Still, according to at least one Leftist, that doesn’t mean white people can’t save America.

In the video below, @DeeTwoCents points out that white people are “always going to vote with their whiteness.”

Well what else can white people vote with? Stay tuned, as I have some answers to this query later.

But while we are on the subject of voting one’s color, don’t most black people vote with their “blackness”?

If there is any group that votes by color, black people do so overwhelmingly. That’s how Democrats trained black people to vote–monolithic or not at all.

If you’re black and didn’t support Barack Obama, share that with a handful of black Obama supporters and see what reaction (yes, singular) you get.

Let’s circle back on what I asked earlier. How do white people vote?

Last time I checked, most white people vote with their pocketbooks. At least the smart ones (Conservatives) do.

No politician panders to whites as a whole to win elections. Such a politician would quickly be deemed a racist. Political pandering has rules. Pander only to blacks, and you must be a Democrat to do so.

When politicians occasionally pander to whites, they do so to small groups of whites. Like working-class white males, and so on. The rule is clear: pander only to small groups of whites. Again, only Democrats can get permits to do so.

Note that you will never see politicians going to white churches to pander for the white vote, as politicians do with blacks. Hillary Clinton famously quoted Reverend James Cleveland’s “No ways tired” speech when pandering to blacks.

Politicians go to black churches to secure the black vote, then break all the promises. They visit white churches for the “evangelical” vote, not the white vote, per se.

Back to white people saving us.

Does MSNBC know anything about history?

Aside from fighting against the tyranny of Britain and forming the United States of America, what have white people accomplished?

Stupid question asked by far too many Leftists; but I will answer.

For starters, 386,000 white REPUBLICAN men died to free black people from 284,000 white Democrat men who wanted to keep black people as slaves.

I suggest MSNBC figure out how many degrees of separation they are from the white people who saved America from the scourge of Democrat-sanctioned slavery. And when the world came under threat, white American men saved the world.

How many white men died in the various wars to maintain a country that produced the 44th President of the United States, a black man? Further, how many white men died for a country that produces more black millionaires per capita than any other country on earth, including all the very black countries in Africa?

While Leftists complain of whiteness, they wholly ignore what “blackness” produces around the world.

What innovations come from The Motherland?

Nobody expects the next breakthrough in semiconductor technology or medical discovery to come from any African-based country?

Africa produces atrocities.

Kidnappings, bombings, genocide and other barbarities all over that continent. Most countries in Africa can’t even keep the freaking lights on at night due to power surges or outages. I doubt that all the countries in Africa combined have the GDP of Texas.

Has MSNBC looked at the number of refugees coming from black countries seeking asylum in so-called white countries? How are those black voting in their countries? Allow me to answer: either they vote “black” or they aren’t allowed to vote at all.

If white people voting their whiteness is a problem, why do so many blacks flee to white countries and not exclusively to other countries filled with blacks?

Truth be told, far too many black countries are fraught with danger. So much so, the very people who call these countries home are forced to flee. These people want to live in civilized areas of the world, ergo they come to so-called white countries. They come to countries with laws; countries who respect human life and rights.

So-called white countries embrace blacks from all African countries. White countries willfully embrace people from the Middle East, Central and South America, Asia, and even other Europeans. Yet, MSNBC allows racists to make such stupid claims about white people.

It’s far past time for Leftists to stop demonizing white people, and start thanking them.

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