VERDICT: Barack Obama Partially to Blame for Riots in France

For the Europeans who loved Barack Obama, understand that he is partially responsible for the burning of France.

This is why Obama no longer has throngs of adoring fans in Europe. Or anywhere else besides college campuses and black churches.

Remember when Obama said this?

But it’s not just Obama’s support of the worthless Macron that’s ridiculous. What Obama did to influence France and Macron was far worse.

As leader of the free world, Obama’s responsibility included exporting American exceptionalism. But because Obama is a bigger idiot than even Macron, he exported idiocy instead. Idiocy in the form of “climate change” bullsh*t.

Obama wanted higher energy taxes in order to get to “green energy”. While he talked of energy companies passing on costs, Obama financed green energy boondoggles as political payback at taxpayers’ expense.

Solyndra, Ener 1, and a host of other green energy failures for which Obama should have been personally held accountable.

Moreover, Obama promoted this whack job concept all over the world. Then, he enlisted his “progressives” to buy into the notion that their efforts saved the planet by paying a hell of a lot more for energy.

Leaders from around the world were happy to have a feckless imbecile join them in the fleecing of taxpayers. They needed the United States to give their insanity a seal of approval. And the criminally weather-deranged Obama obliged. So now France riots.

As BizPac Review wrote,

French protests over a now-scrapped carbon tax proposal are entering their fourth week, but French officials could have avoided the marches and looting if they had listened to scientists’ warnings about green reforms beforehand.

They should have listened. But how could they, when Obama called climate change, “settled” debate?

And he should know about climatology, right? Because he’s black!

Plus, he had all those Pentagon leaders saying that climate change is the number one problem facing the globe.

Almost all the scientists and other so-called experts who supported climate change were either paid to say it, or promoted to say it.

The science is DEFINITELY in on that!

The article continues,

French climate scientist Valérie Masson-Delmotte – co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – and a team of experts met with members of the French senate before protests ignited over a proposal to hike French gas and diesel taxes in 2019. Masson-Delmotte warned French politicians that green policies could spark the kind of unrest sweeping France if the public weren’t properly informed and solicited for consent, Masson-Delmotte told Climate Home News’s podcast CopCast.

“They expressed how difficult it is for them as members of the senate to think on how to implement transitions. They also said they were powerless…didn’t know how to change things, basically.”

The citizens were properly informed. They know that the carbon tax is pure “bovine excrement”. Also, they know they have been getting ripped off for decades by bureaucrats lining their own pockets at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers.

I spoke with one of my adopted French sons before Thanksgiving about the gasoline costs in France. As soon as I mentioned it, he looked ominously, and said essentially, things are not going well in France over this issue.

Shortly thereafter, the riots began.

The next part of this article shows me that President Trump’s policies are being looked at.

Masson-Delmotte lives in Paris where the protests have grown particularly violent and destructive. She spoke to protesters outside of her house who felt that the French government did not represent them. More than that, protesters felt that French climate policies were trapping them under the increasing cost of oil.

“It was interesting to understand how much they don’t trust policy makers, how they don’t trust experts,” Masson-Delmotte told Climate Home News. “What is striking is the inability of the usual democratic representatives, elected people, trade unions – the usual instruments of a democracy – to deal with the situation.”

Protesters “believe they have no alternative,” she said.

This sentiment resembles that of pre-2016 presidential election America. We too were fed up. Further, we no longer believed the media. Finally, we didn’t believe we could suffer the alternative. So we voted in Donald Trump.

America was saved.

More and more we see the outcome of these silly Leftist policies. Just recently we documented Georgetown, a city feature in Al Gore’s movie. That city went 100 percent green, and got a multi-million dollar surprise. They need almost $9 million more for energy than planned. And here Gore, et al told everybody that Georgetown would receive money back from their green energy investment.

So far, no riots in Georgetown. But that’s because Gore didn’t get his carbon tax on everybody. Just stupid Californians allow for such idiocy. And thanks to Trump, the lunacy has been contained.

Unfortunately for France, they begin their journey on a path established by Obama. The French will soon say again, “We want Trump!”.



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