Social Justice: Ordering This Drink Can Get You Fired

Social Justice: Ordering This Drink Can Get You Fired

I file this story as a cautionary tale. The ghost of Trayvon Martin can haunt white people.

If you believe this story, then it is certainly uncouth behavior for somebody to mock the death of a person. In this case, the death of Trayvon Martin.

According to KMOV, a bartender was asked to serve a “Trayvon Martini”:

A Westport bartender says in all of years years of serving drinks, he’s never been offended like this.

He says someone asked for a cocktail called the “Trayvon Martini” – and he says it only got more racist from there.

Over the weekend, Alobar Bandaloop was working at Buzzard Beach. After a startling, uncomfortable and racist encounter with a customer, he went online.

He told his Facebook followers about a man who ordered a “Travon Martini.” The man says it has one shot of Vodka and watermelon juice because “it only takes one shot to take him down.”

The man who ordered the drink is Mike Dargy Jr. At the time, he was working for Chelsea Brown International doing security around Westport.

I find it interesting that they actually used the name of the man accused, as this could easily be a he-said he-said.

What bothers me most about the story is the idea that anybody could say that somebody did something like this, and the ramifications tend to be dire. In the case of Dargy, he lost his job.

The report continues,

In a statement to KCTV5, Chelsea Brown said it terminated employment with the man.

Full statement: 

Chesley Brown International, an Atlanta based security services firm, was made aware of allegations surrounding the alleged racist remarks made by an off-duty public safety officer to a bartender in the Westport community. Once this information was brought to our attention we opened an internal investigation which led to his suspension and the removal of the employee from the property. While the investigation continues and remains active the officer’s employment with Chesley Brown has ended.

Chesley Brown International has NO tolerance for hate, bigotry or prejudice. The company embraces diversity and inclusion as one of its core values. In April of 2018, our entire Westport Public Safety Team underwent cultural sensitivity training. We plan to reevaluate and refine the training program then reeducate our officers throughout our entire organization. This will better ensure complete understanding and the seriousness of these types of behaviors.

We value the community of Westport and are extremely thankful that this was brought to our attention…want to make it clear that these types of actions in no way represent the principles of Chesley Brown International. We hope that our quick response to this situation shows our commitment to The Westport Community.

Recall stories of “racist” patrons leaving nastygrams for waiters and waitresses, only to find out that the stories simply were not true.

For example, this waiter who claimed to have been called a terrorist.

The Odessa waiter whose story about being called a terrorist by a customer spurred national attention last week now admits it was all a hoax.

The waiter, Khalil Cavil, 20, admitted he wrote the racist note himself in a Monday interview with the Odessa American, where he apologized to a reporter “because I did lie to you.”

“I did write it,” Cavil said, refusing to explain why. “I don’t have an explanation…made a mistake. There is no excuse for what I did.”

And there are many others. At one point, this tactic garnered big tips on social media funding pages.

I have no idea if this incident occurred with the Trayvon Martini. If it did happen, it’s disgusting. Regardless of the circumstances of Trayvon Martin’s actions, his death remains a tragedy.

It’s time for people to stop the nonsense, no matter what direction, and begin treating people with respect and dignity.



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