President Trump MOCKS French President

President Trump has a knack for drawing attention to injustices.

While many believe he has Svengali-like powers, he doesn’t. Trump just operates in the real, pragmatic world. 

The world of logic and reason long left America. The departure occurred with the ascendance of Leftism.

But Leftism took a fatal body-blow under Barack Obama. People actually believed his hype. However, soon after his election, they realized what Conservatives tried to tell them. Obama was a scam artist. And he worked his magic to get to the highest level of power in the world.

His disappointing amateur act led to the election of Donald Trump. So if Hillary Clinton really wants an answer to “What Happened?”, she get it. Obama happened, then Trump happened.

Along came Donald Trump, employing logic and reason. Trump told the truth, first about the banditos coming into America. The press and other Leftists tried to eviscerate him, to no avail.

Then came, “grab ’em by the p*ssy. Trump didn’t even bother to defend his statements. Do you know any women who would let billionaire playboys grab them by whatever said playboy wants? Let’s just say that’s a long line of bimbos.

Which led to the scandal that was to drop kick Trump to the curb. Ironically, Leftists were so confident in their ability to destroy Trump, they chose a porn star as their paragon of virtue to accuse Trump of infidelity.

The only thing left for the Left? The nuclear option: Trump is a racist.

And yet another epic fail.

So Trump destroys Hillary Clinton and the entire Obama administration that had been weaponized against him. To their surprise and ultimate downfall, Trump became president.

He made it clear that he would Make America Great Again by putting America First. Moreover, Trump did what almost no politician does: he lived up to his promises.

As the lapdog media pretended to fawn over other world leaders, Trump set a new course, per his mantras. At the G-7, Trump explained America’s new trade policy to the EU: America will not longer be your WHORE!

He put NATO on notice, that they will pay their bills or America would leave. Trump left the Paris Climate Accord, citing America getting gang-banged by Europe. The same is true of the United Nations where Trump cut America’s funding dramatically. All the while, the media accused President Trump of ruining our “partnerships”.

Trump called them out, saying, [pp] “The way these countries treated the U.S. is hardly a partnership”.

Finally, Trump started the world towards peace and prosperity.

He worked with China to get North Korea to denuclearize. Now families reunite on the Korean peninsula. So as Trump brings families together who haven’t communicated in decades, the media accused him of separating families at America’s Southern border.

Before setting the European and the rest of the world straight, Trump had already jump-started the feeble, debt-ridden American economy with new “magic wands”.

The world watched President Trump actually represent his country. His nationalistic approach to running the country works.

Trump’s poll numbers steadily rise, while those of leaders of other nations fall. Including the poster child for international Leftism, Emmanuel Macron.

Talk about getting a dose of reality.

France burns, due to socialist policies and the lack of effective leadership. We documented recently that French citizens chanted, “We want Trump!”

Macron is in big trouble. Yet just last month, he dissed President Trump during a speech to world leaders.

As Zero Hedge noted,

Trump gloated on twitter that he was “glad that my friend @EmmanuelMacron and the protestors in Paris have agreed with the conclusion I reached two years ago. The Paris Agreement is fatally flawed because it raises the price of energy for responsible countries while whitewashing some of the worst polluters.” 

As I mentioned earlier, President Trump removed America from this money-grab. The Paris Climate Accord represents one of many money-grabs the world has enjoyed at the expense of the American taxpayer.

I believe the rioting is about much more than energy. Because I believe the French want their sovereignty, and riot over its loss. The French have tired of globalists dictating their future.

Either way, whether energy or globalism, Trump remains the solution. And he rightfully mocks the man who Leftist thought would be the next Obama.

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