Rahm Emanuel TORPEDOS Democrat Presidential Hopeful

Democrats are so desperate for a winner, they promote a criminal.

But then again, the Democratic Party is made up mostly of criminals, so what else is new?

Baby Black Jesus, aka the Magic Negro Barack Obama notwithstanding, one would think the Democrats have had enough of newbies for public office. But as we know, Democrats ignore logic and reason in their choices for just about everything. Thus, we get people like Ocasio-Cortez.

And the “future of the Democratic Party”, as the DNC chairman deemed her is already peeing in the punch bowl and she’s just a Congressman. Thankfully, “Beto” O’Rourke didn’t get his wish to become a senator from the great state of Texas. But don’t think that being a loser will put a halt to his plans to be president.

But maybe others in the Democratic Party will.

In an appearance Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that in 2020, Democrats should support a proven winner instead of a “loser” like Beto O’Rourke.

“If Beto O’Rourke wants to go and run for president, God bless him. He should put his hat in and make his case. But he lost. You don’t promote a loser to the top of the party,” Emanuel said.


Emanuel, the former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair, said he wanted someone who understood riding the momentum of a successful midterm to a White House win.

“The next two years are about setting up for 2020,” Emanuel said.  “You need a veteran … you want Nancy Pelosi, she’s as cagey as Mitch McConnell is ruthless … and I want a veteran who understands what happens in 1990 that led to 1992 and 2006 that led to 2008.”

Do you see the Democrats’ quandary?

They need new blood in the party. But look at their choices.

Radicals who know nothing about politics. Talk about riding “cult of personality”, Beto is a fake Latino, and Ocasio-Cortez is just plain stupid.

But ask most Democrats, and they see both as the future of the party. Then again, look at their past and present.

Pelosi, Clinton, Sanders, Warren, [insert rich white Democrats here]. Who else can take over?

The blacks? Booker and Harris. That sounds more like a bad attorney team or a cop show that didn’t last a season. These two together have the intellect of a marmoset.

To be clear, the Democrats have no bench. And that won’t change in the next two years or the next ten years.

Rahm Emanuel sees the void. He likely hopes he can fill it, which is why he eats one of his own. Don’t be surprised if Emanuel tries to help the Clintons with a sequel: Clintons Attack Washington 10 – This time Hillary really gets nasty.

President Trump won’t be doing the Democrats any favors.

They can try to torch the economy, but it won’t help. Trump will ride a wave of prosperity on which he built the foundation beginning in 2016. 

And when the scandals turn on the Democrats in early 2019, that will seal their fate and solidify Trump for 2020.

The president likes things to happen quickly. But he also understands the value of patience.

When the time comes and the executioner’s sword falls on the necks of the Democrats, expect President Trump to pounce. He will remind the country of what he promised: drain the swamp.

Don’t think Democrats will give up, even when cornered. These subhumans become even more vicious, the more they are hurt. But their tactics will fail, as they have for the most part now.

Emanuel’s declaration on O’Rourke signals that Democrats understand their plight, to some degree. Expect more “come to Jesus” admissions soon.

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