Republican LOSER Appointed by Ducey to McCain’s Senate Seat

Martha McSally didn’t fight very hard to beat Kyrsten Sinema for the senate seat abandoned by Jeff Flake. And now we know why.

Some might think that Governor Doug Ducey and McSally had a deal in place. I’m not talking anything sinister, just the typical “inside baseball” Republican politics we’ve grown to hate.

I get it, too. McSally is after all a woman. Better yet, she’s unmarried. That fact leaves enough ambiguity as to her sexuality that even Leftist might like her. If you look closely, McSally is just a slightly more “conservative” version of new Senator Krysten Sinema, the Leftists who beat McSally in post-election Democrat voting.

Sinema touted her brother’s military career, while McSally had a military career. For those who didn’t know, McSally flew fighter jets. And what Conservative wouldn’t want a female Senator who served in the armed forces and flew fighter jets?!

Fighter jets. Which implies that McSally knows how to fight. But you couldn’t see that from her election run. She pretty much relied on the establishment to do her bidding. And then there was her McCainesque lying about protecting Arizona’s border.

Nevertheless, as AZ Central reports, the loser gets rewarded.

Republican U.S. Rep. Martha McSally will replace retiring U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl to fill for the next two years the Senate seat long held by the late U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Gov. Doug Ducey’s decision to appoint McSally, announced in a statement Tuesday and effective next month, revives her political life less than two months after she narrowly lost the race for the state’s other Senate seat to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema.

It also makes Arizona one of only a handful of states with two women in the U.S. Senate. Prior to Sinema’s election, Arizona had never selected a woman to fill a Senate seat. In prepared statements, Ducey and McSally echoed the same sentiment: an expectation that McSally and Sinema, her 2018 political rival, would work together in the Senate.

Ducey and McSally are scheduled to speak at a joint news conference in Phoenix on Tuesday morning.

In a statement about his selection to The Arizona Republic, Ducey cited McSally’s military background and six deployments to the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Governor Ducey delivered. And I’m guessing this was the agreement all along, once McCain bit the dust.

Win or lose, McSally would be a winner. And why should Ducey reward other up and coming truly Conservative politicians, like Kelli Ward for one example?

I bet there were many people who qualified, not just Ward. These politicians knew Arizona politics better than a female former fighter pilot. But they got bupkus.

What we see here is politics as usual. Again, nothing crooked like what Blagojevich pulled in Illinois, where the senate seat vacated by Obama was up for the highest bidder. But make no mistake about it, favors were made.

In Ducey’s defense, McSally does look good on paper. Military background. Check. Woman. Check. Sexuality. Unknown. Check. Loyal to John McCain. CHECK!

McSally has been described as a “cold fish”. She campaigned like that too. Having never met her, I have no idea. For all I know, she’s the life of the party. What disturbed me most about her besides her outright lying about protecting the border is her lack of fight.

I sold products to the former General Dynamics, manufacturer of the F-16 fighter jet. Occasionally I would talk with the fighter pilots in the lobby, when they were testing a new retrofit. These short dudes were the cockiest people on the planet. When your job is done tens of thousands of feet in the air at Mach 2.5, you have a reason to be cocky.

I remember a contest where the winner could chose between $10,000 or a flight in an F-16. He chose the flight. “So something a fighter pilot does every day is worth ten grand doing once,” I thought.

If I had a job like that, I might be cocky. And you can bet if you’ve engaged the enemy in a dogfight and won, you have swag.

But McSally brought no swag. And she lost to a woman who actually ridiculed the very state she now represents. Then the governor appoints that loser to the Senate? And Republicans wonder what our problem is.

For Ducey, McSally was the easy choice. But I would hope that the election of President Trump would let politicians know that the easy choice isn’t necessary the best choice.


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