BREAKING: Republicans HACKED – Were Russians Involved

We all know that the Democrats got hacked. And America got a treasure trove of information.

We learned that the media colludes with Democrats against Republicans.

We documented the first of many stories where the media worked directly with the Clintons or the DNC.

Thank GOD for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. I had no idea how important that group was, until now.

The American people have been duped for decades. We suspected what was happening, but now it’s been verified. And thankfully we have a presidential candidate in Trump who is willing to withstand the barrage that occurs when liars are exposed. Politico and other media outlets are part of the cabal working against truth; against the American people.

We learn from an email released by Wikileaks that Glenn Thrush, the top political correspondent for Politico colluded with Clinton campaign chief John Podesta.  He actually sent part of an article to Podesta to be “cleared” for publication.

In their efforts at transparency, Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice declined to discuss the matter before Congress.

Then we learned what Democrats really think of Latinos. Remember “Taco bowl engagement“?

The recent WikiLeaks showcased how the Democrats “branded” Latinos. You can bet they have the same {ahem} profiles for blacks, Asians, and so on. And these profiles serve one purpose: figure out how to trick hapless rubes to vote for Democrats.

We see in this leaked email how Democrats see Mexicans as “tacos.”

Next, we found out that Hillary Clinton and the DNC ran game on Bernie Sanders.

These two organizations plotted against the old socialist, and they defeated him.

But it’s ok. Because Bernie “Sellout” Sanders was all too happy to quit. As I wrote at the time,

Socialism pays, at least for those who know how to work the system!

For those wondering why Bernie Sanders has dropped every chance to put the hammer of Thor on Hillary Clinton, I have the answer: Socialism pays.

In a recent interview with George Stephanopoulus, Sanders was offered the chance to beat Hillary upside the head and neck. He passed.

Stephanopoulus asked Sanders what should happen, given the revelations of WikiLeaks. Sanders commented that he had already asked for Wasserman-Schultz to step down.

In short, we learned that Democrats are vile creatures, capable of untold atrocities.

What was asked many times is were the Republicans hacked? We still aren’t sure about 2016. And as Julian Assange asserted when asked this question, [pp] “I have no negative information on the Republicans.”

Nevertheless, it appears the Republicans were hacked, at least during the 2018 election cycle.

According to Politico:

The email accounts of four senior aides at the National Republican Congressional Committee were surveilled for several months, the party officials said. The intrusion was detected in April by an NRCC vendor, who alerted the committee and its cybersecurity contractor. An internal investigation was initiated and the FBI was alerted to the attack, said the officials, who requested anonymity to discuss the incident.

However, senior House Republicans — including Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) — were not informed of the hack until POLITICO contacted the NRCC on Monday with questions about the episode. Rank-and-file House Republicans were not told, either.

Were those wily Russians involved?

Given the outcome of the election, it would appear the Russians helped the Democrats this time around. Particularly in states where voting continued well after the elections supposedly ended.

“The NRCC can confirm that it was the victim of a cyber intrusion by an unknown entity. The cybersecurity of the Committee’s data is paramount, and upon learning of the intrusion, the NRCC immediately launched an internal investigation and notified the FBI, which is now investigating the matter,” said Ian Prior, a vice president at Mercury.

I suggest that acting Attorney General Whitaker open an immediate investigation. It’s clear that the Russians had a hand in this. And if not the Russians, then the Chinese.

If not the Chinese, then look at any of the countries who gave money to The Clinton Foundation as possible culprits.

What’s most interesting about the hack is what information comes from it.

Unlike the hack of the Democrats, no salacious information presents itself. It’s as if the hack never happened.

I dare Democrats to relive the Wikileaks information that came out about their party. Anybody doing so would be forced to come to grips with reality.

If Republicans are so racists, then where are the emails. I asked this of undercover stings done by Project Veritas. You know Democrats have operatives. Why do we not have videos of Republicans lying, cheating, stealing, and so on.

Democrats know the answer.

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