Rumors about CANCELLATION of the Clinton Tour

I’ve gone on record to say the Rapist and Enabler Tour is over.

And recently, the Clintons “postponed” their Sugarland, TX appearance. They claimed it was out of respect for the deceased George H.W. Bush. But it was more out of respect for their reputations.

The tour began with a cancellation in Las Vegas. Then it moved to an embarrassing opening in Canada. The venue seated almost 20,000. However less than 4,000 showed up.

Then came the well-timed death of Bush, which gave the Clintons a convenient out. They vowed to return to Sugarland, but I doubt it. Before Bush’s death provided the reprieve, ticket sales lagged and were being offered for the price of a Big Mac.

One source said the 13-location tour had been canceled. From what I researched, this information was not true. However, I bet the Clintons wished the tour had been canceled.

As of now, the Clintons reignite their tour in April. I looked at the schedule, and here are the final chances to see the “not-so-dynamic duo”.

Interesting. All the places wher Hillary Clinton avoided campaigning.

Why the delay? It’s not like the two have another wedding to plan. And God-forbid Hillary Clinton schedule that yoga she bragged about in her deleted emails.

A 5-month break before the next location? That’s not a tour, but an embarrassment. That’s the Clintons holding on to that last thread of rope, as they dangle over the precipice.

And I stand by my prediction that this “tour” abruptly ends. One of the Clintons will pull a muscle or something. From what I heard about the first stop, Hillary Clinton coughed her way through it.

What’s funny about their attempt to energize ticket sales is the notation on the website where you buy tickets. (emphasis added)

Vivid Seats not only offers a great selection of Bill Clinton tickets, but also offers a 100% buyer guarantee that your Bill Clinton tickets will be valid and delivered to you on time. The guarantee also assures you your payment information will be secure in our protected server, and if the event is canceled for any reason you will be given a full refund. If you do not initially see the cheap Bill Clinton tickets for the dates you want, please check back often as our inventory is ever changing. Once you do find the Bill Clinton tickets you want, simply click on the Bill Clinton dates to purchase your public speaking event tickets. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Bill Clinton ticket order, Vivid Seats boasts unparalleled customer service, so give the customer service line a call at 866-848-TIXX.

In other words, when this tour is officially over, we promise you will get all your money back. So PLEASE BUY TICKETS, even if you don’t plan on going.

And what about this sentence:

If you do not initially see the cheap Bill Clinton tickets for the dates you want, please check back often as our inventory is ever changing.

Trust me; all the tickets will be cheap tickets. If for some ungodly reason you want to see this show, do NOT buy tickets early. The longer you wait, the cheaper the tickets get.

Here’s an interesting thing I spotted on the website. The marquee doesn’t have Hillary Clinton on it.

It’s reads: “BILL CLINTON TICKETS”, yes in all caps.

Does Bill Clinton know something he’s not telling us? And this is particularly ominous, when you consider that the tour added Vegas back.

Either Bill Clinton finally found his balls. And said,

“Hillary, if I have to endure this f’g bullsh*t tour with you, then Vegas is going to be the last stop! And then WE ARE DONE!”

Or perhaps Bill Clinton doesn’t believe Hillary Clinton will be on that leg of the tour? For whatever reason.

Remember, there is that FBI investigation lingering over the Clintons’ heads. Something tells me the Clintons may have left that long gap in case of new developments. And given that website banner, Bill Clinton has an alternative tour ending for his embattled spouse.

All we can do now is hold our collective breath, and hope the tour comes to a town near us. I’m sure if we are like most Americans and Canadians, we will have something better to do than see the Clintons.

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