Bad News for Democrats: Russians Provide Emails from Cohen

I’m not quite sure what to make of the Russian’s response to Cohen’s plea, except that it’s not bad for Trump.

They certainly validate that Donald Trump stopped pursuing any business dealing in Russia, for whatever reasons. It looks like Trump decided he just didn’t want to build in Russia.

But what their response also throws Cohen under the bus. Because the lawyer who taped his client seems to have kept pursuing the deal without Trump’s knowledge.

As The Washington Times reports,

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman has displayed what he says are two emails from President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer asking for help getting the Trump Tower Moscow project off the ground.

Michael Cohen pleaded guilty on Thursday to lying to Congress about the real estate deal.

Cohen last year acknowledged sending the emails to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in January 2016, but said he killed the proposal after talking to Peskov’s office. This week he confessed that he continued to pursue the deal on Trump’s behalf during the heat of the campaign.

Peskov, who is with Putin at an international summit in Argentina, said Saturday, “We told them that the presidential administration isn’t involved in construction projects, and if they are interested in making investments we will be glad to see them at St. Petersburg’s economic forum.”

Case closed.

Again, no smoking gun. Still, Democrats run around like ugly school girls who got dates to the prom.

Soon yet another “scandal” extinguished. Then America can begin focusing on the real scandals that happened in Obama’s “scandal-free” administration.

The level of desperation shown by Democrats would be more fun to watch, if we felt like we were getting somewhere. President Trump teased the idea of declassifying documents to prove his case, but why tease that? Release the kraken!

I recently wrote:

I’m tired of the drip of information surrounding the supposed election meddling.

As all of America realizes, it was Democrats who meddled. But in fact, meddle is too kind a word, as these criminals did a lot more than meddle.

Leftists know that Obama weaponized his administration against Donald Trump. And this is not just the spy agencies, but every part of the government.

James O’Keefe exposed many of these traitors, and now at handful look for jobs in the private sector.

But many more exists. And dragging out exactly who this is, insults the people paying the bills. It beyond time we get a look at non-redacted information that explains who plotted against America.

So let’s see all the information.

Outside of brain-dead moronic Leftists, the rest of America knows the good guys from the bad guys. And we know that we are correct in our presumptions.

The day Democrats finally go down, Americans will celebrate. That days comes soon, and sooner than most Americans believe.



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