SETUP: Acting AG Whitaker CLEARED to Oversee Mueller Investigation

Democrats pretended to get upset over Matthew Whitaker replacing former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Actually, they weren’t that upset.

And now we learn that Whitaker has been cleared to oversee the Mueller investigation that has become a national joke.

As Town Hall reports,

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has passed the ethics test, according to the Department of Justice. Following an investigation, Whitaker has the green light to oversee the Robert Mueller Russia investigation.

Democrats won’t be happy. They still have several issues with Trump’s temporary appointment of Whitaker, including his apparent inexperience. They’ve also accused Trump of circumventing Congress with the appointment, demanding that Whitaker sit before a Senate committee before taking on the responsibility of acting AG. Critics also note how he often Whitaker has publicly criticized the probe he’s now overseeing. Yet, following an ethics probe there’s no need for him to recuse himself, the DOJ announced Thursday.

Now that Whitaker has been cleared, he’ll begin receiving regular briefs on the investigation.

Sadly, this won’t mean much. Because while Whitaker has been openly critical of Mueller, I’m told he loves Rosenstein.

And you can bet Mueller and Rosenstein will make a mushroom of Whitaker. Keep him in the dark and shovel crap on top of him.

I wrote of an exchange I had on Whitaker at the David Horowitz event in Florida not long ago.

I was lucky to speak with one government insiders, whom I asked about acting AG Matt Whitaker.

In that exchange, I learned some disturbing news. Matt Whitaker will not be protecting us by requesting an additional special counsel.

As it turns out, Whitaker believe Rod Rosenstein is a rock star. I know, right.

The man who may along with a few others lies at the epicenter of the worse scandal in American history isn’t going to be investigated, at least not by Whitaker.

I asked my “informant” if (s)he thought Whitaker would ask for a special counsel to go after Obama, Clinton, et al. The person replied [pp],

“No. Whitaker believes Rosenstein is running things on the up and up”.

“What the heck…you must be kidding”, I said!

So I don’t have high hopes because Whitaker cleared this bar. The Democrats may be setting us up.

Consider what happens if Whitaker gets his briefings, then concludes that Mueller is right to continue. That remains a viable possibility, given Whitaker’s respect for Rosenstein–the man who will provide the “briefs”.

I was in NYC when a big (staged) protest of Mueller occurred.


So another question begs: “How can we go from protesting the appointment of Whitaker to greasing the skids to get him approved”.

There have been essentially no protests of Mueller since the initial bruhaha. Why?

Let’s hope we can get William Barr approved quickly. At least he appears to take this Mueller farce seriously.



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