Targeting Trump: House Democrats LEARNED NOTHING from Past

It won’t be long before Nancy Pelosi realizes that she’s almost powerless as House Majority Leader.

The Democrats created scandals that backfired. Eventually that mistake will render them powerless.

President Trump has told the truth, as lying Democrats continue to accuse him of being a liar.

What happens when it turns out that what Trump said is true? Because this is a “when” eventuality, not an “if” scenario.

Democrats put all their stolen eggs in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s basket. Sadly for them, Mueller broke those eggs months ago. But he’s too afraid to let his bosses know, because they put mad faith in him.

Mueller failed to deliver. So now Democrats believe they can play games. And according to Fox News:

House Democrats’ first order of business in the new Congress will be targeting President Trump’s tax returns, setting the confrontational tone of the lower chamber.

The first bill, called House Resolution 1 (H.R. 1), indicates the Democrats’ inclination to resist Trump not only in House committees, where a number of investigations will be launched in January, but also by introducing legislation that directly involves the president.

The measure would mandate presidents to disclose their tax returns as part of a package that Democrats say would improve government and transparency of elected officials.

But the legislation is largely symbolic, as it has little chance of actually becoming a law. The Republican-held Senate, which increased its majority after the midterm elections, is unlikely to vote for the bill. Trump himself could also refuse to sign it.

The move is strictly symbolic. And it’s yet another thing the Democrats will pay for in November of 2020.

Democrats know they didn’t actually win the House. But they pretend they did. Interestingly, many election day losses turned to post-election victories due to continuation of the cheating that occurred during the election.

So no Blue Wave and no other socialist mandate. By the time 2020 rolls around, only the most strident Leftists will remain.

After the anvil falls on the head of the Democrats for their lies related to Trump, no president will have garnered such power. Trump will strut his stuff, as the saying goes. He will remind America by way of Trump Media, aka all media, that he was right. Headlines will read: Trump Drains the Swamp.

Trump’s newfound credibility among former naysayers coupled with the total disbelief of the fake news media will render Trump damn near a king. Suddenly, the media will find itself forced to cover the actual news. No more fake news narratives and Leftist cabals.

When America and the world no longer read between the lines, but receive factual news, Trump’s stature will grow. Don’t be surprised to see Trump polling solidly in the 50s by the end of 2019, likely sooner.

Pelosi’s Gavel

Nancy Pelosi presided as House Speaker during one of the worse midterm losses for Democrats in their history. And that with the best candidate on paper the Democrats ever fielded.

Obama roared in on a wave of popularity in 2008. But he sustained nothing. Yet, Democrats forget this history.

Consider how it was remotely possible for Obama to lose the House, given his popularity only two years earlier. Then contrast that with what most Democrats thought would happen to Trump.

Trump lost the House, but gained in the Senate. Obama lost the House, and lost seats in the Senate. Here is what The Guardian reported:

With some seats still to be counted, the Republicans picked up at least 60 House seats, eclipsing their 54 gains in 1994 and the party’s best result since 1938. They also gained at least six Senate seats, falling short of the 10 they needed to gain control of the upper house.

It was a remarkable comeback from two years ago, when many experts expected the party to endure a long time in the political wilderness in the wake of Obama’s emphatic 2008 presidential election victory.

President Trump has no hard lessons to learn. He has the country on the right course. And save cheating, he might have maintain both the House and gained more in the Senate. And why would Trump change direction?

The fake news media might deny his great work, but voters noticed.

If you Google “Trump vs Obama first two years” you get laughable results. Leftists want people to believe it’s close. So let’s use one data point based on what Obama himself claimed. Jobs.

Obama lost millions of jobs, Trump created millions. And for the braindead Obamabots who believe Trump inherited a great economy, I remind you of what Obama said:

“Because some of those jobs are not coming back”. Obama’s words. He then went on to say that in order to save Carrier, Trump would need a magic wand.

Trump brought jobs back; manufacturing jobs.

Where Obama lost 17,000 his last year in office, Trump brought over 200,000 his first year in office. Now the count is well over 400,000. Again, jobs Obama warned weren’t coming back.

And more unbelievable, Obama wants to take credit for an economy he said couldn’t happen. Obama said the new norm is a max of 2 percent GDP. Trump would have hit 4 percent GDP had it not been for the Houston and Puerto Rico hurricanes. But he still managed to comfortable attain over 3 percent GDP.

Here’s Obama.

Unbelievable that a man who relied on people to stop looking for jobs to drop his unemployment numbers wants credit for the new economy. But such is Obama.

In another two years, Trump will have grown his already amazing economy even more. And nobody will credit Obama.

The world will be safer, due to Trump.

But his biggest achievement will be giving government back to the people.



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