Trans Ms Universe Contestant: Man’s Evil Plan Against Feminist

Well men, our diabolical plan appears to be working. Not only are we stronger and faster than women, but we are better women than women.

Great work, men! And even better, our plot remains a secret.

Not long ago we met to take one of our best and make him a woman. Let’s just call her “Caitlyn”. Caitlyn made her transition to the “sisterhood” and was rewarded with Woman of the Year honors.

But that’s not all Fellas. We went diabolically deranged, because in a real fit of irony, Caitlyn still has her outward “naughty bits”! {cue Dr. Evil laugh}

That’s right; she’s still technically a HE!

As you can see, letting women have their “movement” now works solidly in man’s favor. And as I mentioned earlier, today we make better women than they do. Don’t believe me, look at the first trans Miss Universe contestant.

The New York Post reports,

She’s transfixing!

Miss Spain, Angela Ponce, the first openly transgender contestant in the 66-year history of the Miss Universe pageant, is getting rave reviews for her bikini body, runway glamour and message of inclusion.

“I always say: Having a vagina didn’t transform me into a woman,” the post-op trans gal told reporters as the pageant got underway last week in Bangkok, Thailand.

“I am a woman, already before birth, because my identity is here,” she said, gesturing to her head.

Ponce, 27, works with a foundation in Spain that helps trans children.

“Children are born without prejudices and I think if we talk to them about diversity from a young age, we can create a new generation of human beings who are raised a lot better,” Ponce said.

And what if she wins? Wouldn’t that be a kick in the head!

First a man becomes Woman of the Year, then a man-turned-woman wins the most coveted woman’s pageant…IN THE UNIVERSE? That’s fiendishly funny.

I loved her comment about the vagina. You know, not needing one to be considered a woman. Soon even those of us with peckers can simply say we are women, and we’re good. Oh wait, I think Caitlyn already proved that?

But I can see that it gets even better. For you real men, aka all-dude dudes, don’t worry about that wife or girlfriend. Just say you’re a Lesbian, and deal with the fallout. See if you can deal with A-list parties and a reality TV show, you Peckerheads.

A transgender hit the cover of Playboy not long ago. That’s right, a former he stole a job formerly for the sexiest of the “shes”. I wrote:

In case you’re wondering the impact of Leftism on America, Playboy just announced its first transgender playmate.

As Maury might say: “Obama, you ARE the father!”

For those wondering the impact of leadership on a country, look no further than the policies of Obama. He put America so far “forward”, that trans-sexuals no longer knew what bathroom to use.

Look, I’m all for equality, and that shouldn’t be based on sexuality. But for Playboy to succumb to this flavor of “progressivism” is anything but progressive.

Progressive? It’s men still kicking ass and literally taking names.

But we are just kicking ass and taking names in the beauty area. No, we are equally diabolical in our destruction of women in sports. Soon we will own all the sports records. I wrote of this eventuality.

The transgender male athlete from New Zealand named Laurel Hubbard set records in this years’ international women’s weightlifting competition.

Of course (s)he did. (S)he’s a man competing against women in a contest of strength. How is this even a contest?

And what of the transgender male athlete who dominated a Connecticut girls track team?

Female students at a Connecticut high school are welcoming a boy who identifies as a woman onto their track team for the first time.

Andraya Yearwood, a freshman boy who identifies as a girl, recently joined Cromwell High School’s female track team, reports the Hartford Courant.

Yearwood’s teammates have no problem with a boy on their team. One teammate called Yearwood brave for his decision to identify as a girl.  Yearwood’s coach said his presence on the team was just like having any other girl except this one runs very fast.

“Former men” are now fixtures in women’s sports. Say bye-bye to Title IX, as substandard male athletes join women’s sports and DOMINATE.


I even documented my inner struggles with sexuality.

I admitted to being a “double-transgender“.

I was born a man, with “outies” and not “innies”, “sex-organly” speaking. So, I’m all man; always have been. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t grown, progressively speaking. In other words, I’m no Neanderthal!

And if there is anything Leftism has taught me, I learned how to soul-search from time to time in order to understand the root causes of what we call “societal norms”. So what I was born a man, love woman, have kids, and so on! Look DEEPER, I challenged myself.

In my search for more meaning, I learned how to get in touch with my feminine side, as they say. I grabbed myself by my “mangina”, and let her rip.

Holy Mother of Helen Reddy, I am “whoaman” hear me roar! Progressivism changed my life.

So looking back at each of my “reveals”, I connected the dots.

With respect to me discovering that I’m NOT Gay, I reflected back on my life. I thought to myself,

“Why do I have NO interest in men sexually!? What’s WRONG with me? I constantly dated girls, and ultimately women.”

Eventually I married, twice. I had kids; well my kids’ mothers did. Yet, I still kept my secret. Finally, after my 4th son was born, I concluded, “I must be NOT Gay!”

The heaviness that lifted from my shoulders was indescribable. But then, I began to wonder. “Wait! Am I a Lesbian?!”

I had to be.  I love the company of women (not men), carnally speaking. And this in a time when I can declare to be whatever sex or gender I choose, and being in touch with my inner “vaginalogue,” I still prefer women over the hairier sex! Clearly, I’m a Lesbian.

Welcome to the “L” of the LGBTQ. But wait!

If I’m a Lesbian, that makes me a “transgender” of sorts. After all, I started out a man, that’s for sure. Although mentally I’m not trapped in a man’s body, I’m thinking like a woman, sort of?

Holy Mother of RuPaul, I had no idea I unwittingly gave myself a sex-change of the Caitlyn type.

Imagine my confusion at this point. I mean, what are the ramifications of keeping one’s “naughty bits” after the sex-change? Would I be PENALIZED?

Further, as far as my newfound sexuality is concerned, I feel low. “Pretty non-committal”, I thought to myself.

Which brings me to a real conundrum.

At this point, I was officially a transgender man, of sorts. Yet, I still did not enjoy the company of men, but instead women. So, what was I really?

The conclusion? I’m a DOUBLE-transgender.

So you see, there are no real men anymore. Only the TT? We can and have freely joined the Progressives. I say, “Embrace the new you, Fellas!”. Because in the end, men win.

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