SURPRISE: Trump Says 200 Miles of Wall Is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

While the Left plays games with America’s border security, President Trump quietly builds his wall.

If President Trump has learned anything new in two years in the role, it’s that Democrats will attempt to stall. So you must “nickel and dime” your way to success.


Partial Transcript:

So they all know you need it, they all know you need this border security, they all know you need the wall or whatever you want to call it, in order to secure our border…

We have been building a lot of wall, a lot of people don’t know. And I haven’t been stressing it frankly…we can give you an exact list…we are building a lot of wall. And we’re starting in the most important places first….

So, we are probably up to what we’re building now and what we’re probably going to start shortly, up to around 200 miles of wall. Nobody knows this, nor did I want to tell anybody. We are moving very rapidly.

Below is a video from months ago, where the wall is being constructed in El Paso, Texas; one of those “most important places” the president mentioned.

Again, President Trump merely activated what other politicians “discussed”.

In the case of the San Diego project, plans for the project began in 2009, according to Border Patrol agent Justin Castrejon.

Money for the Calexico project came in Trump’s first year in office with the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act.  That legislation gave CBP about $260.9 million for “procurement, construction, and improvements.”

So President Trump begins by beefing up the existing 1990’s old infrastructure with money appropriated for the border wall. The Calexico project contract will cost about $18 million, Castrejon said.

Trump’s strategy is clear. Incrementalism.

But along with his incrementalism strategy, President Trump knows how to pick his battles. Further, it doesn’t take genius to understand his methodology.

The president merely takes the words of Leftists who lie, like Barack Obama. Then, instead of ignoring their lives, Trump reminds them of them.

Below is a tweet about illegal immigration from Barack Obama in 2011.

With Obama’s strong belief in solving the problem, what happened with illegal immigration? Nothing.

And Obama wasn’t alone in his belief, as all the Democrat leadership said at some point that we needed to look at illegal immigration and build a wall. Back to that in a minute.

First, let’s look at how President Trump took Obama’s 2011 tweet, and spun it back on him. To Obama’s 2011 declaration, President Trump added:

I totally agree!

Consider that Trump agrees with Obama. Isn’t that what the Left LOVE to hear?

President Trump puts them in a pickle by agreeing with their master. But what’s better is that when the media discusses what Trump is doing, they must showcase what Obama said he would do, but didn’t do.

Things get worse for Leftists too. Because not only will President Trump win on principle, he will win on the finances.

The Washington Examiner reported the numbers on illegal immigration:

“The swelling population of illegal immigrants and their kids is costing American taxpayers $135 billion a year, the highest ever, driven by free medical care, education and a huge law enforcement bill, according to the most authoritative report on the issue yet…And despite claims from pro-illegal immigration advocates that the aliens pay significant off-setting taxes back to federal, state and local treasuries, the Federation for American Immigration Reform report tallied just $19 billion, making the final hit to taxpayers about $116 billion.”

So let’s see how Democrats reconcile their zeal for Obama’s immigration reform with their newfound stance. Because Democrats can’t run from their past on this one.

Here’s Obama mocking Republicans on border security.

Obama showcased NO leadership, except with Obamacare. And where did that leave Americans? Scared to go to the hospitals, that’s where.

As you viewed that video, you likely remembered Obama’s similar excuse for his inability to save Carrier:

The differences between President Trump and Obama are stark.

Obama is a do-nothing talker, and Trump is a doer. And Trump has been fixing America’s immigration problem from day one of his presidency.

Repair the existing wall. Build new sections of wall. And finally get the funding for the rest of the job.

Incrementalism. The way Democrats have gotten what they’ve wanted for decades. Only Trump uses his powers for good.

So we can now begin the count. Let’s call it the Mile Count of Wall Built. Because Trump will build that wall. And when he gets to 300 miles, he will let us know.

And the contractors of the project already know, this project will come in on time and under budget.


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