Trump STOPS ILLEGALS: Democrats Forced to Move On

Imagine how big the population of illegals in America would have been if President Trump not put his foot down.

You can bet the Democrats never planned on him doing so.

They figured he would fold like a typical Republican. But he did the politically unthinkable for a Republican and held his ground.
And not just in a little way. Trump drew a red line, then dared the invaders to cross it. In preparation to protect America from criminals, President Trump toughened the border. More border patrol agents, and of course, use of the military.
And when the soldiers laid down that razor wire, it wasn’t just Democrats who got the message. We reported thousands in the “caravan” decided that getting into America wouldn’t be as easy as they were told. So they turned around.

Then Mexico came on board.

Surprisingly and certainly under-reported, Mexican leadership sided with President Trump. I’m sure Democrats lost their minds over this. The Mayor of Tijuana wore his red “Make Tijuana Great Again” hat, as an obvious sign of solidarity with President Trump. Many Tijuanans echoed the sentiments of American citizens, demanding the invaders leave.
As usual these, things didn’t go as planned for the Democrats.
The handful of illegals making it into the U.S. are being apprehended fast. The numbers getting past our added security is embarrassingly low for Democrats’ voter registration drives. In short, because of President Trump, the majority of these invaders remain on the Mexican side of the border.
Breitbart explains:

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 200 Central American migrants in a single day after they illegally crossed the border from Mexico. The three groups of migrants consisted of large groups of family units and unaccompanied minors.

Beginning on Thursday, agents assigned to the McAllen Station patrolling near the border town of Granjeno, Texas, came upon a group of 57 migrants who had just crossed the border from Mexico, according to information provided to Breitbart News by Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol officials. The agents conducted immigration interviews on the migrants and determined they were family units from Honduras and Nicaragua.

Later that day, Weslaco Station agents came upon another group of illegal aliens who just crossed the border. The 34 migrants came to the U.S. as family units and unaccompanied children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, officials reported.

McAllen Station agents apprehended another group of migrants on Thursday night, officials stated. The group consisted of 87 illegal aliens from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Agents said the group was composed of family units and unaccompanied children.

In total, the agents apprehended 178 family units and unaccompanied children and transported them to the station for processing according to Rio Grande Valley Sector guidelines.

Under Trump’s leadership, a significant increase occurred in the number of illegals apprehended.

In fact, Rio Grand Valley Sector agents netted 63,278 family units just last year.

Breitbart continues:

In total, Rio Grande Valley Sector agents apprehended 162,262 of the 396,579 illegal aliens apprehended along the entire southwest border with Mexico, according to the latest Southwest Border Migration Report published by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in October.

Sure, there are plenty of immigrants who are just seeking a better life. They want to work and pay their taxes and be good citizens. But sadly, too many of them are criminals who want to wreak havoc in our society. And its incomprehensible that the left doesn’t want to take the time to sort the good from the bad.

Unfortunately, we end up with countless stories of criminal behavior.

Take, for instance, this murderer who embedded with the invaders.
Miguel Angel Ramirez was an inmate in Honduras until earlier this year. And he wasn’t incarcerated for jay walking.
After his arrest near Tijuana for illegal entry, Ramirez’s murder conviction popped up. Of course, a record like that makes a person ineligible to legally enter the US.

Big League Politics elaborates:

Tyler Houlton, a DHS spokesman, gave a statement in regards to the arrest. “As DHS confirmed weeks ago, there are at least 600 known criminals in the caravan flow. The fact that Border Patrol arrested a murderer within the first caravan-related apprehensions at our southern border proves how real the threat of the caravan is to our national security and public safety.”

Yet, the leftist media hides the stories like this. They want us to all feel sorry for the migrants and welcome them with open arms. Why? So they can join the Democrats at the polls, with or without citizenship.

Therefore, liberals paint stories of a caravan made up of sweet women and adorable children. However, the left’s rhetoric is a work of fiction. Judge these invaders by their terrible behavior coupled with their insistence on entering illegally. Then the picture is much clearer.

There’s an old saying. “When someone shows you who they are, you better believe them.” The immigrants showed their true colors long ago. But leftists refuse to believe them. Lucky for us, Trump is in charge.

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