Two Democrat Senators TOP ETHICS VIOLATORS of 2018

Nobody should be surprised to learn that the top ethics violators are Democrats.

What a proud moment for the #MeToo movement. To learn that Senators Elizabeth “Fake Indian” Warren and Kamala “Sleep with my bosses” Harris represent the worst of politics.  

A non-partisan watchdog group ranked the two Democratic senators as “top ethics violators of 2018”. And here’s part of the reason why.

During the Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation during the hearings where Harris laughed as Kavanaugh anguished over false allegations, the two politicians fundraised on his misery.

Because of the unethical actions of these women, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) filed a complaint in October with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics targeting the two senators. The complaint read:

Senators Warren and Harris sent campaign fundraising emails based upon their official actions during the confirmation process and upcoming vote of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Senator Warren’s fundraising email stated her position on the ongoing hearing and “demand to delay the confirmation vote.” The email then states: “Elizabeth Warren is running for reelection in 2018 . . DONATE NOW.” Senator Harris sent numerous emails fundraising based upon her official duties. For instance, one of Harris’s fundraising emails stated she “questioned Judge Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings” and indicates her position on the confirmation. Then she requested a contribution with a “CONTRIBUTE” button. Both Senators’ emails were sent during the confirmation process and before the Senators were to vote, and their requested campaign donations were intertwined with their official duties as Senators.

Sadly, Democrats orchestrated the attempted destruction of now Justice Kavanaugh. But worse, these two Democrats actually used their treachery to enrich themselves.

The complaint continued:

Senate Ethics Rules prohibit Senators from soliciting campaign contributions based upon any action taken in their official capacity. By linking a promise of official action with campaign contributions, a Senator violates a “basic principle” of Senate Ethics that guards against conflicts of interest. The Senate Ethics Manual is clear that a Senator “should never use the prestige or influence of a position in the Senate for personal gain . . . . This provision was intended ‘as a broad prohibition against members, officers or employees deriving financial benefit, directly or indirectly, from the use of their official position.’” Moreover, Senators are to act based upon merit, not on partisan affiliation or for campaign contributions.

There is no ambiguity in this matter. But when it comes to Democrats, rules are for patsies.

And as National Review noted,

“Warren, meanwhile, called the ethics complaint ‘frivolous’ when informed of the filing during a session on the Senate floor and later called FACT ‘one of these shadowy dark money groups’ in comments to reporters.”

In other words, disregard the actual Senate rules prohibiting such actions, and blame the messenger.

These women should be run out of Congress for their blatant lies against Justice Kavanaugh. Yet Democrats consider both of these shrews potential presidential candidates.

The fact that Democrats take cretins like this seriously shows the pathetic reality of Democrats.

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