America’s Choice: Jobs or Mobs (Video)

Trump supporters are truly amazing, and like nothing this country has seen in modern history.

Now, Trump’s base is stepping up to help campaign for his reelection.

Once again, the so-called Deplorables know exactly who’s boss. We are. Trump is in the White House because we put him there. And Trump won’t leave the White House for as long as he continues to keep his promises at this neck-breaking pace.

It’s been many decades since a President fired up a nation the way Trump does. But you don’t have to look far to see the fruits of his labor.

During the painful 8 years of the Obama Administration, our country suffered the slowest economic growth across the board in decades. Of course, leftists don’t want us to remember that little matter of fact. They’d rather pretend Obama created all the jobs Trump put on the table. But obviously, we see right through their tactics.

And one Trump supporter took it upon himself to highlight the difference between the left and the right. Without any resources other than a free video editor, this YouTuber created his own Trump ad.

About those Jobs

In 2008, 53% of Americans called themselves middle-class. By 2014, that number had fallen to 44%. I can only imagine how much lower it was by the time Trump was elected. Poverty was so contagious under Obama, the number of food stamp recipients swelled to 46 million people.

As we previously explained:

Even if you wanted to argue Obama inherited a recession, he still had eight long years to turn the economy around. Remove the fake stats and understand that Obama added $10 trillion of debt, and you would think Trump would have inherited a rocking economy. But he didn’t.

What we got was Obama level-setting expectations. He told us that losing manufacturing jobs was the “new norm”. And in his last year in office he proved his statement, as he lost 17,000 manufacturing jobs. In contrast, to date President Trump has added 381,000 manufacturing jobs to the economy.

Enter Trump’s Magic Wand

Now, enter year two of the man who wrote “The Art of the Deal”. The man who saved Carrier on a dare after Obama and others said it could never be done.

Repeat, 381,000 manufacturing jobs in 18 months. 171,000 manufacturing jobs in his first year, and for those doing the math, 210,000 in his first six months of Year Two.

Trump brings high-paying, high-tech jobs from companies like Carrier, Ford, Softbank, US Steel, and now Alibaba.

I’d like to dare leftists reading this to find commitments like these made under Obama. But I’ll save you the researching time and answer for you: You can’t. And for good reason.

And then there are Trump’s tax cuts.

Obama taxed and regulated companies into oblivion. President Trump took quite a different approach by lowering taxes. The outcome?

Dozens of companies announced their return to America, and ALL credit the reduction of taxes from 35% to 21% as the reason. Then many companies gave out bonuses, which Nancy Pelosi called “crumbs”.

While Democrats call the $1,000 to $3,000 bonuses given out by companies “crumbs”, the people receiving them don’t feel the same.

That doesn’t even begin to touch the other amazing things Trump accomplished, such as closing the trade deficits and renegotiating new trade agreements that benefit the US. But what’s truly remarkable is the grass roots movement that continually backs the President.

Meanwhile, leftists grow more vile with each passing day.

In fact, Antifa terrorists are growing in numbers by leaps and bounds. They block traffic, destroy buildings, and attack innocent people because Obama made them feel powerful and entitled.

Unfortunately for them, Americans now fight back, like they did in this video.

It’s been two years, and we still haven’t undone all the damage Obama did to our country. But each day, Trump wakes up and sets out to erase Obama from our memories and our economy.

Obviously, it’s no wonder people want to keep Trump around. Expect to see a lot more ads like this Jobs Not Mobs video before election day is upon us again.

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