Black History Month: The Super Bowl of Leftist Race-Baiting

As Black History Month approaches, white people need to figure out where to vacation for 28 days!

Because Democrats are strategizing on how to make political hay with black people at this annual event. And white people make great fodder.

For example, Black History Month can be used to blame a white Republican for the government shutdown. So what the President is protecting citizens from illegals involved in human trafficking, drugs, gang activities, and other violent crimes. That pales in comparison to the PAIN THE SHUTDOWN CAUSES BLACK PEOPLE!

Without government, how will black people survive? Blacks need those recharged SNAP cards, and what about protection against police?

Who knows what will happen in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, or Cleveland for example, when black people run out of government money and police start killing them for fun? White people better look out!

But the shutdown is just one example. Because Black History Month serves as a reminder of all the atrocities black people suffer on a daily basis. Things like, well…NOT BEING WHITE!

Look at all these white people walking around with “white privilege”. Black people don’t have this. Never have and never will.

Then there is “cultural appropriation”. White people appropriating “black” things, like hip hop; and…well, hip hop.

Far worse is black people’s appropriation of white things. You’ve seen all the blacks wannabes, as in wannabe white. Like Tiger Woods and golf. How do we ignore this during Black History Month.

Or what of all those black basketball players appropriating Naismith’s sport? They aren’t sellouts, as the white man tricked them into making millions playing a game. Or what of the football players who did the same thing in their sport. At least they had the decency to give black people something more to be pissed off about during Black History Month.

Understand how much preparation goes into Black History Month  for Democrats. When you think about it in a sports metaphor, Black History Month is the Super Bowl of race-pimping.

And with an event of this magnitude comes the pre-game prep.

Democrats gather the rundown of all the racist things Democrats say Republicans do, even when no racist things exist.

In Jan of 2018 the New York Times published “The Definitive List” of Trump’s racism. But they left off a few things.

  • The Trump meeting with chancellors of Historically Black Colleges and Universities to pledge more financial support than Obama.
  • And what about Trump reducing black unemployment to record lows.
  • The president freed a black woman who had a life sentence for being a drug mule. Obama ignored this woman for almost a decade.
  • Next, Trump brought back 3 black basketball players from China who were accused of theft.
  • He then promoted a black woman as the first Marine Corps General.
  • Most recently President Trump enacted criminal justice reform that had even Van Jones singing his praises.

But don’t let Van Jones recognizing that Trump did what Obama ignored make you white folks believe you’re off the hook for Black History Month.

Oh hell no!

Black History Month allows for the historical recap of previous race-baiting Super Bowls. Expect to see old videos of Sharpton, Jackson, and other historical black Leftists criticizing America. Hell, we might even see Reverend Wright again. Isn’t this the 10th anniversary of him being thrown under the bus?

I realize we are a couple of weeks away, but it’s never too early to rain “white guilt” on America.

So let’s break out the old Negro spirituals and start the choir, maybe sung by Beyonce or Rihanna. And you know Hollywood won’t disappoint.

On TV you will see all the old documentaries of black oppression. Police dogs and water cannons sprayed on black people. Because black Democrats need that annual reminder of what their party did to blacks. And then white Democrats gather at cocktail parties and laugh at the idea that they are immune to Black History Month. They also chuckle at black Democrats who ignore historical facts and continue to support their oppressors.

In those documentaries, America gets to see these dinosaurs of the Congressional Black Circus in their youth. Maxine Waters, John Lewis are hardly recognizable. During this time, their calls for justice were completely justified. But not now.

And what NONE of these documentaries will mention is that Democrats were (and continue to be) the oppressors of blacks.

So this Super Bowl is essentially Democrats versus Democrats. The winners will be, surprisingly Democrats.

That’s how the game is played. Democrats oppress, then blame others.

I’d like to say it’s only 28 days. But it’s actually all year, 24/7. Fortunately, their voices grow hoarse. Also, our ears know the sound of “white noise”, and no longer listen.


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