Comic Declared a Genius by Left in 2014 is Now a Goat

To hear the Left torpedo Louis C.K., you’d think he was Trump’s comedian.

Only a few short years ago, Louis C.K. was considered by almost all comedians as the top comic in the business…bar none.

Here’s what an expert in comedy wrote of CK

The measures of success for a comedian tend to deviate from the mainstream career milestones dotting the careers of America’s most successful performers. Platinum records and record ticket sales are rarely on the horizon for a road comic eating peanut butter out of a jar in a roach motel somewhere uncomfortably far to the south of the Mason Dixon line.

That’s why Louis C.K. is probably the best living comedian, period. Before 2010, the man was already a living legend among the comedy elite, selling out smaller clubs in savvy cities overnight and, partially thanks to the internet dust up over Dane Cook allegedly stealing some of C.K.’s jokes, owns the coveted title of Comic’s Comic.

But now, after slogging it out in the trenches for more than 20 years, C.K. has risen to heights of rockstardom that so-called “sell-out” comics like Dane Cook and Gallagher had previously achieved.

For what now brings CK criticism once showcased his genius.

Check out this GQ cover story on Louis CK from 2014 where GQ actually used the g-word in describing CK.

When it comes to his own jokes, C.K. is proudest of those for which he must commit with Method-actor rigor to some rhetorical or moral absurdity—and then take his argument several parsecs beyond its “logical” conclusion. He’s always striking through the mask, Louis C.K. It’s not just a matter of braying aloud what the rest of us only dare to think; he says things we aren’t even aware we’re thinking until we hear them from C.K. That’s his genius.

Yeah, that word. I hesitate to use it. First because overuse has cheapened it into a kind of aerosolized cheese, and second because C.K. himself is ruthlessly precise in the way he uses and talks about language. (From his 2010 special, _Hilarious: _”We don’t think about how we talk…. ’Dude, it was amazing.’ Really? You were amazed by a basket of chicken wings? What if Jesus comes down from the sky and makes love to you all night long and leaves the new Living Lord in your belly? What are you going to call that? You used ’amazing’ on a basket of chicken wings! You’ve limited yourself verbally to a shit life!”) If Louis C.K., né Szekely, were “merely” the greatest comic talent of his generation, which he is, he’d merit…well, “the most electrifying comedian since Richard Pryor.”

Admittedly, C.K.’s observational humor while vile, really does point out the craziness of life mostly overlooked by others. But we live in a different time, where comedy cannot point it rapier wit at Leftism. When that happens, the accuser must be burned at the stake.

Enter Louis C.K.

Leaked audio of his new material has Leftist upset. Because C.K. dares challenge the “new norm” of what’s off limits for comedians. As one writer put it:

“…at one point, he mocks the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting from this past February. Specifically, he seems to be talking about Emma GonzalezDavid Hogg and others who’ve been vocal about implementing gun control.”

And we all know how important gun control is as legal gun owners continue to commit almost no crimes.

One Twitter person even called C.K. “Milo”, the now disgraced gay Conservative humorist who dared discuss his outlook on male-male relationships as an adolescent.

Others chimed in on C.K. as well.

Here’s how TMZ described the set:

The audio first appeared on a YouTube page that has since been removed … the description said this set took place on December 16. It’s unclear where exactly he performed.

The jokes are vile. First, Louis attacks the youth of this generation … comparing them to himself in his 20s, and saying kids these days are simply too PC, well-behaved, and opinionated. He also cracks jokes about non-binary people … and then goes after the Parkland kids.

Louis says the kids who survived are not interesting just because they went to a high school where people were shot, and that he shouldn’t have to listen to them just because they “pushed some fat kid in the way.”

A new low, for sure.

Not to be outdone in choking the life out of C.K., The Atlantic wrote this scathing article:

But 2018 has been a year of hard truths, and here, just before the calendar turns its page to whatever fresh hell might lie in wait, is one more: C.K.’s promise to listen and learn, it seems, was itself a lie. On Sunday evening, instead, an audio recording of a recent appearance C.K. made, reportedly, at Governor’s comedy club on Long Island, New York, leaked on YouTube. The set suggests that while C.K. may have been up to a lot of activities over the past year, listening and learning have not been among them.

In the set—one of many unscheduled appearances he has made as part of a quiet comeback—C.K. makes jokes about the word retarded. (He bemoans being unable to use the word as an apparent compromise on his freedom of self-expression.) He mocks the activist students of Parkland, Florida, who have been trying to convert a personal tragedy into social good. (“You’re not interesting because you went to a high school where kids got shot. Why does that mean I have to listen to you? How does that make you interesting? You didn’t get shot, you pushed some fat kid in the way, and now I gotta listen to you talking?”) C.K. also mocks Asian men, and black men, and nonbinary people.

To the rescue

It took David Axelrod to provide sanity to this situation. Axelrod tweeted:

Louis C.K.’s “joke” about heroic Parkland kids was as tasteless as could be but not a huge surprise. He’s made a career of that. But shouldn’t audiences decide to show up or not? De facto censorship isn’t the answer. Let the market decide!

Leftist want NO speech that disagrees with their assessment of things. Anything that deviates must be stopped at all costs.

Talk about a cautionary tale for all of them. The genius of 2014 is now the goat of 2018.





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