Democrats Don’t Want Women Presidential Candidates

Talk about the Good Ol’ Boys Club. When it comes to inclusion of women, Democrats excel at the status quo.

For Democrats, in the words of James Brown: “This is a man’s world”.

Democrats talk a good game in their love of women. But in reality, women don’t fare well politically with Democrats, unless the casting couch counts.

Sure Hillary Clinton took her run at the presidency twice. But think about that. Twice Clinton was reportedly the front-runner, only to be thwarted by men.

As Philip Wegmann of the Washington Examiner noted, Democrats believe the presidency is a man’s job.

The presidency is a man’s job.

At least that’s the current word from the progressive base of the Democratic party in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. New polling from Democracy for America shows the men solidly in the top three positions followed behind by the women.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Sen. Bernie Sanders, 36.14 percent
  • Vice President Joe Biden, 14.88 percent
  • Rep. Beto O’Rourke, 12.34 percent
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 7.89 percent
  • Sen. Kamala Harris, 6.95 percent

These results, it should be noted, come 22 months, two weeks, and one day before voters head to the polls. A lot will change before Election Day. Even Yvette Simpson, incoming CEO of Democracy for America, said as much, noting that “with more than 14 months before Iowa, we expect these results to change as grassroots progressives hear the messages the candidates are running on.”

Does anybody expect things to change? If so, what kind of optimist are you.

America has tired of feminists. Democrats put their best vagina forward, and Donald Trump wiped the floor with it.

So who’s left? Oh that’s right; the woman who ran Al Franken from the Senate.

Here’s what Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. thinks of another man running for president when asked by Van Jones:

“I did notice in that poll that the top three were, I think, Biden, Bernie, and Beto: three B’s, and all white guys. In a party as diverse as ours, does it worry you to see the top three being white guys?” CNN’s Van Jones asked Gillibrand this weekend referencing separate but complementary polling.

“Yes,” Gillibrand replied, adding, “I aspire for our country to recognize the beauty of our diversity at some point in the future, and I hope someday we have a woman president.”

And how about that racial element? Three white men?

I have a follow up question for Van Jones. What about asking Gillibrand if there is room for a black woman president, and not another silver-spoon white woman?

Would she still aspire to the beauty of diversity, if her name is removed. And what about the Democrats “fake Indian” problem with Elizabeth Warren? Democrats may need to rethink their “diversity”, when they allow white women to appropriate ethnicity whenever they choose.

Leftist women have much to learn in their understanding of just how bad things are for them. And Hillary Clinton’s flogging is critical to their learning.

Clinton lost for a lot of reasons. None of them had anything to do with being a woman. But a reason definitely had to do with her being a feminist.

America loves women, but we hate feminists. Because feminists complain incessantly. Which is what Hillary Clinton did and continues to do.

Late in 2017, almost a year after Hillary Clinton lost, she still hit the circuit with new excuses. Things got so bad, Chuck Schumer finally had enough. Here’s is what I wrote of Schumer kicking Hillary Clinton to the curb:

Chuck Schumer announced the end of The Clinton Era.

Now Hillary Clinton and the rest of her corrupt family can return down their rat holes. Clinton need not worry, as she will have plenty of company soon. Including Schumer.

He said the Clintons are over without actually saying it. But the political-speak is clear. Schumer has played “cover your ass” and thrown Hillary Clinton under the bus.

As the Daily Beast reported,

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer ripped his former colleague, Hillary Clinton, over her election loss to President Donald Trump and her subsequent efforts to explain why she lost.

“When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things—Comey, Russia—you blame yourself,” Schumer told The Washington Post. “So what did we do wrong? People didn’t know what we stood for, just that we were against Trump. And still believe that.”

Schumer’s comments—referring to Clinton blaming Russian meddling and the former FBI director for her loss to Trump—come as Democrats are trying to re-brand ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. Democrats unveiled their new slogan as, “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.”

Why did Schumer hit the eject button on Hillary Clinton’s seat at the table?

Simple. She and the Democratic Party are toxic.

The same thing will happen to the other women, as happened to Clinton.

Democrats hate their women, as the men have been rendered useless, and their women behave like men. Thus their passive-aggressive behavior of the party loyalists.






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