Reason Democrats Fight Harder for Illegals than Citizens

When you consider all that illegal immigration does to America, it’s counter-intuitive to support it.

Add to this the FACT that America has a LEGAL immigration system, and you wonder how America has not had an effective border wall as a deterrent to illegal immigration.

Perhaps we know why based on information from The Gateway Pundit.

In May of 2016, US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visited the President of Mexico along with other Congressmen, including little known Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke.

Pelosi stated about the meetings –

Discussing the delegation’s meetings in Mexico City, Pelosi said [emphasis added]:

“We come here as a bipartisan and large delegation to express our respect for the people of Mexico and the country of Mexico; to acknowledge our shared border and our shared values and to learn more about how we can work together for the bright future for not only our two countries but for our hemisphere.”

Pelosi said the delegation had a busy time in Mexico City.

“When we arrived, we had our country team briefings; we had the privilege – some of us – of going to mass in the cathedral and hearing the sermon on Labor Day on the importance of workers in Mexico, a view we shared. We’ve met with members of the American Chamber of Commerce. We had the privilege of hearing from members of the civil society here in Mexico. We had a very beneficial meeting with Director General Zapata on the subject of the economy and on the subject of TPP especially. And then we had a glorious meeting, a really very thorough exchange of subjects and views – again about our shared values and our shared border – with the President [of Mexico]. Just now we finished a lunch, as you know, with Members of the Federal Deputies – Mexican Federal Deputies – and Senators. And this evening we will have a dinner meeting with the Foreign Minister,” Pelosi said.

Who knows what the discussions all entailed but since this date, the Mexican President has been aligned with Mexican cartels.  As reported earlier this month he’s accused of taking millions from the cartels –

Former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto accepted a $100m (£77m) bribe from drug cartel kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, a witness has testified.

Alex Cifuentes, who says he was a close associate of Guzmán for years, told a New York City courtroom that he had told authorities of the bribe in 2016.

Guzmán is accused of being behind the Sinaloa drug cartel, which prosecutors say was the largest US drug supplier.

Mr Peña Nieto served as the president of Mexico from 2012 to 2018.

Guzmán, 61, has been on trial in Brooklyn since November after he was extradited from Mexico to face charges of trafficking cocaine, heroin and other drugs as leader of what the US has called the world’s largest drug cartel.

The timing of the former Mexican President being connected with Mexican cartels is rather significant.  A former Democrat believes the real reason Democrats don’t want a wall on the US – Mexican border is related to the story above.

As I mentioned earlier, the need for walls is obvious. They work.

We have walls to keep people in prison. And few would question the effectiveness of those walls. Except, the Democrats do question the effectiveness of walls.

Nancy Pelosi offered that walls are no good, because people can create tunnels. I Googled how many prisoners had tunneled out of prison, and there hasn’t been one since Shawshank, and that’s just a fictitious escape.

The Gateway Pundit article continues:

Jeffrey Peterson says the real reason the Democrats will never support the border wall – is that they are being paid off by the Mexican cartels.

While I can offer no proof that Democrats are being paid off by the Mexican cartels, the notion explains the craziness of their stance.

In the old world of journalism, we might have gotten to the bottom of this. But today’s “journalists” are merely tools of the Leftist political machine. Sadly, they will do nothing to prove (or disprove) this theory.

Nevertheless, one can merely use common sense to figure this one out. And my “spider-sense” smells a rat.


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