Former MSNBC Host APOLOGIZES for Crass Sexual Misconduct

How many times do I need to be right about Leftists? Most are scumbags, and they know it.

My latest case in point is Touré. Yes, the former MSNBC host who is as vile as they come. While Touré pretends to be the all-feeling, all-caring Leftist, he is merely the run-of-the-mill Leftist. That means he is not to be trusted.

And finally one of his own outed him. For sexual harassment. And wait until you learn what he did.

A woman identified as “Dani” made a number of harassment allegations against him. And this wasn’t the type of harassment that can be misconstrued.

Dani discuss her allegations in a social media post reported on by Essence:

Every Monday I used to work with him on a show in 2017 and he couldn’t stop asking me to do anal, how I looked naked, if I had sex over the weekend, what it would be like to fuck me, what his cum would look like on my face…I had to have the crew stay in the room w me while I got him ready…and when I left I called HR…he got fired instantly. He wrote me a huge apology for doing that in my DMs. Still have it. He did a 20/20 shoot in 2018 and I was there and he walked out. Told the producer that he was “embarrassed bc he was inappropriate with a staff member.” he really needs to take a seat.

Asking her to “do” anal! He didn’t just ask about anal. He was grotesquely specific.

That’s not just bringing it up in casual conversation, as if Trump might say to a reporter,

“When you’re a billionaire, women will let you do anal!”

No, what Touré did was an all out assault on sensibilities. And he directly assaulted the woman with whom he wanted to “do” anal.

But Touré was FAR more crass than a Donald Trump. And again, he said this directly to the woman he was trying to impress.

For the record, “I believe her!”. Because I know how Leftist “men” behave.

That said, Dani provided proof, as she posted a number of screenshots of what she said were direct message exchanges from November 2017. In the message, Touré apologizes to her and then he does what all Leftist men do. He tried to cover up his malfeasance.

In his message he asks her not to say anything about his treatment of her. Because Touré wanted to save his career.

But what’s most disturbing is what while knowing of his own problems, Touré attacked Republicans and Conservatives several times throughout 2017 on the very issues he practiced regularly.

As Breitbart documented, Touré might wish he hadn’t tweeted about this subject. In this tweet, he chimes in on the sexual harassment scandal at Fox News:

“Another day, yet another sexual harassment scandal at Fox News. Does the place function like one giant men’s locker room?”

Then in November 2017, Touré tweeted a warning to businesses regarding sexual harassment in the workplace:

“Here’s an idea: why not fight workplace sexual harassment by hiring *more* women? Or demand that the men you hire be professional. There’s always that.”

And boy how this tweet aged?

“We are awash in stories about sexual harassment and assault. For many men it has been a revelation to learn that this happens all the time. And still you’re looking at every female accuser as a liar until proven beyond a shadow of a doubt? You’re complicit.”

Was he ever?!

Here’s one of my favorites:

Touré was also vocal in condemning Harvey Weinstein as well as Donald Trump for sexual assault allegations against the two. So he tweeted:

“Trump is the Harvey Weinstein of politics,” he said in October.

Well guess who is the Harvey Weinstein of MSNBC?

Leftists are scum.

They pretend to be the most understanding people on the planet. But they are people who cover for their wicked ways by pretending to fight against them. And Touré represents them well.





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