Hollyweirdo Declares: ‘Trump will be arrested’

Hollywood needs an intervention. These people lost their way decades ago, likely from playing make-believe too long.

And there are a few Hollyweirdos who always provide over the top nonsense for media fodder.

Few can argue that Rosie O’Donnell appears at the top of this list. And just when we think she’s disappeared down her rat hole, Rosie stops chasing women long enough to reappear.

As Fox News reported:

Anti-Trump comedian Rosie O’Donnell revealed Wednesday she believes the president won’t get elected to a second term — because he’ll be under arrest.

TMZ had asked her if she thought Trump was going to win his reelection. She firmly responded, “No, I do not.”

She continued, “I certainly do not. I think he’ll be arrested.”

When pressed by TMZ, the former daytime talk show host doubled down on her claim.

“I believe in America and I believe in our political system and I believe we will right the wrong of the tyranny of Donald Trump,” O’Donnell declared as she was approaching her car.

I love these baseless declarations.

And I know that TMZ stalks these clowns as they exit the airport, but still one would think they could get better commentary.

Since TMZ failed to get more information, it’s up to me to fill in the gaps.

First, what exactly does O’Donnell believe Trump will be arrested for? Unless kicking Hillary Clinton’s ass counts as “abuse”, I don’t see anything else.

Like most Leftists, O’Donnell hangs on the notion that Mueller’s report will end Trump. Apparently she hasn’t read the tea leaves where Democrats are dropping hints that Mueller’s report will be a letdown.

Spoiler alert for Democrats: Mueller’s report will be letdown for Democrats and the annual date for Republican celebrations. Because that report will be some benign on Trump, it will force Democrats to look inward.

Next, will Trump be arrested by information from Cohen? That’s certainly Democrats newest wet dream. Well, don’t go to sleep without the little blue pill if you want an “happy ending”, Leftocrats.

But what about O’Donnell’s belief in the political system? Is this the same belief Democrats have shown as they contest the results of the election?

How many Democrats have no declared that President Trump is not the duly elected president of the United States? You can include almost all the Congressional Black Circus clowns, most of Hollyweird and the media.

This number may only be exceeded by the number of Leftist celebrities who said they would leave America in the event of a Trump victory, only to STAY HERE!

And that number may only be exceeded by the number of Leftists who predicted Trump would never win. Well I couldn’t find that video, as it’s likely been taken down. However, I did find this video where celebrities reacted AFTER the Trump win:

If there is a video that showcased how useless Hollywood was in the election, it was that one.

What a tribute to America who shoved Hollywood’s face in the dung heap of history.

They still don’t quite comprehend what has happened. That’s why the O’Donnells still whine endlessly. But we do have one final thing to say before we cut them off completely.

So I offer to Hollywood at this intervention:

Hollywood, we will no longer enable you. If you continue this reckless course of action, we will cut you off financially and otherwise.

However, if you take this gift we are giving you. And go to the Trump Rehabilitation Center for Stupid Leftists. You will experience a grand resort where you will get the help you so badly need.

Will you take us up on this act of love?


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