How a Radical Democrat KILLED Democrats’ Chances to Ever Beat Trump

Democrats blew their changes to beat Trump in 2016. And there is nothing they can do to change that.

But they aren’t doing anything to improve their chances in 2020 either. Calls to “impeach the motherf*cker” certainly didn’t help their cause. 

Even fake news CNN realizes Democrats woes, though they still partially miss the mark.

But here’s the thing: What Tlaib did on Thursday night might feel good for Democrats. It might make them feel as though they are regaining some of the fire and the fight they lost when Trump won in 2016. But it almost certainly is the wrong strategy if Democrats want to beat Trump in 2020.

Why? Well, put as simply as possible: Never wrestle with a pig because you both get dirty and the pig likes it.

CNN can call President Trump a pig all they like. He can take it. But the only real pig in this scenario is the pig named Tlaib.

Trump attacks when attacked. Else, he’s too busy to concern himself with nonsense. For those who believe Trump arguing about Rosie O’Donnell or Colin Kaepernick are areas he should leave alone, you don’t understand politics.

CNN obviously doesn’t, as they imply here:

To expand on that slightly: Donald Trump will say and do anything — and I mean anything — that he believes will work to his political advantage. There are no guardrails, there is nothing that he considers off-limits or out-of-bounds. You simply cannot go lower than he is willing to go.

So there’s that.

Truth be told, Trump is about anything BUT politics. If it weren’t for the Republicans reminding him of politics, he would make even tougher decisions. His tact shows that he does know when to see the bigger picture. However, in the O’Donnell Kaepernick examples, Trump nailed the bigger picture.

Nothing trumps “Make America Great Again”. Not #MeToo, #BLM or #{insert Leftist nonsense here}. And that’s what Democrats and other Leftists are not used to.

As the article continues, they point out America’s disregard for what Trump says:

But there’s this, too: People don’t hold Trump to the same standards that they hold other politicians to. Look at the exit polling from the 2016 election. Two-thirds of voters (64%) said that Trump was neither honest nor trustworthy; one-in-five of those people voted for him anyway. A similar 63% said Trump lacked the temperament to be president; he won one-in-five of those voters too.

The point here is simple: Trump didn’t win because voters thought he was a great guy. They knew he wasn’t. Many of them disapproved of the way he ran his campaign — and the way he acted in his life. They just decided that other things, namely that he represented radical change in Washington, mattered more.

Results matter. And that’s what many people will take to the polls in 2020.

With Trump, great result are inevitable. So when the Left attack Trump, they actually play into his hands.

The article continues, explaining how Trump will get re-elected again.

Calling Trump names — even explicit ones — isn’t going to convince people who are on the fence about him in 2020 to cast their vote for a Democrat. Remember that Hillary Clinton’s general election campaign was largely based on this flawed premise: We’re not going to elect someone like this guy as president, are we?

People did. And so it looks — at least to me — like the height of folly for Democrats to pursue a strategy over the next two years built around the idea of lowering themselves to Trump’s rhetorical level.

Lowering themselves? Comical when you consider how incompetent Obama was and what a crook he will be revealed to be.

Democrats should understand that Trump won’t change, but America will. How many people hated Trump pre-election who know find him an attractive candidate?

So Democrats will adjust their strategy.

Leadership won’t try to impeach Trump, but they will try to embroil him in scandals. Fake ones of course, but for Leftists, who cares.

When that doesn’t work, they will simply cheat. By 2020 it will be clear that Democrats have no policy positions on which to campaign.




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